Ofudesaki Part 8, verses 1–27

Part 8

May in the 8th year of Meiji

An old woman of 78 years

Part 8: This part repeatedly emphasizes this message: Have faith in Oyasama and do not doubt that She is Shrine of [Cosmic Space-Time], [Oyagami], who created humankind.

Oyasama’s teachings are [Cosmic Space-Time]’s teachings, and Her actions are [Cosmic Space-Time]’s actions

(1) The mountainous regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] piled up day by day: to clear it away is My desire.1

(2) This talk, given step by step, is about the intention of [Cosmic Space-Time]: to bring forth [universal forms of salvation].

(3) If the mind is sincere, the performance of any kind of Service will all bring salvation.2

(4) To [Cosmic Space-Time], all of you throughout the world are My children. My only desire is to save you.

(5) Despite this, to My regret they attempted to stop Me and, after that, even to forbid.3

(6) Because of this, the Salvation Service cannot be performed. Oh, the regret in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]!

(7) As for the Service, it is [Cosmic Space-Time] who teaches you the hand movements step by step. It is not from a human mind.4

(8) Whatever I may do, never think that it is from the human mind.5

(9) At this place, every talk is by [Cosmic Space-Time] and every preparation is by [Cosmic Space-Time].6

(10) Whatever disorder may come to you, never think that it is from the human mind.7

Human thoughts concerning [Cosmic Space-Time] and Oyasama’s position

(11) Since it is [Cosmic Space-Time] who began this world, there is nothing unknown to Me.8

(12) The innermost heart of everyone in the world is all reflected to [Cosmic Space-Time].9

(13) Unaware of this, in the human mind, everyone has only self-centered thoughts.10

(14) Hereafter, I shall teach you everything about the true path step by step.

(15) The beginning of this world was by [Cosmic Space-Time]. I began to teach everything fully in detail.11

(16) Until then, there was no one who knew. There were only the thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time].12

(17) Even until today, I have been telling you that everything is by [Cosmic Space-Time], but still you do not understand.13

Have faith in “the truth of My beginning this world”

(18) Listen! Though I have already told you the truth of My beginning of this world,

(19) There is no one in the world who knows. Whatever I say is difficult for you to understand.14

(20) So should it be, for it is solely about things unknown since this world began, told repeatedly step by step.15

(21) I must have you know the truth about the beginning of this world.16

(22) Even until now, I have often taught about My single intent to save you, but you have not known the real truth.17

(23) Whatever I say, it is the word of [Cosmic Space-Time]. If only you would listen to My words as the truth…

(24) I shall tell you everything step by step. Listen to My words and understand them to be true.18

The place for the Service and the true origin of the world

(25) There is nowhere but this place that can be called the true origin of the world.19

(26) What do you think of this talk? It is from My desire to teach you all about everything.

(27) All of you must be convinced of the truth about the beginning of this world.20


  1. OC 8:1: It is very frustrating that the people of the world do not understand My intention. I exert My mind in various ways because I wish to clear away this frustration.
  2. OC 8: 2, 3: I shall tell you gradually of My intention and embark on bringing about universal forms of salvation. Now, if you were to ask how these forms of universal forms of salvation are to be brought about, offer Me your mind of true sincerity and perform the Service of universal forms of salvation. If you do so, I shall accept that sincerity and reveal every kind of salvation through the truth of the Joyous Service.
  3. OC 8:4, 5: To Me, everyone in the entire world are My children. I have no other thought but that of the wish to only save you. Yet not only do you stop the Salvation Service but you also banned My divine name. How truly unhappy this makes Me feel.

    *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 5:56, 57 and 6:70.

  4. OC 8:7: Though I say “Service,” it is I, Oyagami, who is teaching you the various hand movements. It is not from human thinking.
  5. OC 8:8: This is not limited to the Service. Anything that Oyasama does is done by Me, Oyagami. Do not ever assume any human thinking is behind what She does.
  6. OC 8:9: What Oyasama speaks at Jiba, no matter what it may be about, are all spoken by Me, Oyagami. Also, any steps undertaken are all initiated by Me, Oyagami. 
  7. OC 8:10: On top of this, no matter what disorder may appear on the body, it was placed there by Me, Oyagami. Do not ever think that any human mind was behind it.
  8. OC 8:11: Because I am Oyagami who created this world and humankind, there is nothing which I am not aware of.
  9. OC 8:12: No matter how inconsequential it may seem, the minds of the entire world are all reflected to Me as reflected in a mirror.
  10. OC 8:13: Unaware of this, everyone in the entire world are always indulging in human thinking, solely having thoughts stained with dust that only think of themselves.
  11. OC 8:15: It is I, Cosmic Space-Time, Oyagami, who teach you about all matters because it was I, Cosmic Space-Time, who originally created the world. 
  12. OC 8:16: This was not something that anyone ever knew about until I, Oyagami, began teaching it. This is only a matter of course since the world and everything it came to be because of My intention alone.
  13. OC 8:17: It is I, Oyagami, who created and protected all things until today. Yet the entire human race still does not seem to understand this.
  14. OC 8:18, 19: Listen carefully. While I speak to tell you about the truth of how I began this world, because it is a story no one in the world knows about, no matter what I say, it will be difficult for you to understand.
  15. OC 8:20: This is only a matter of course. It is not at all unreasonable for you to have difficulty to understand the various things I tell you since it is solely about things that have never been taught since this world began.
  16. OC 8:21: You will not know anything unless I inform you about the true details of how I began the world, so let me tell it to you by all means.
  17. OC 8:22: Although I have told you about single-hearted salvation little by little until today, there was no way for you to have fully understood it since you did not know about the original truth of how I began the world.
  18. OC 8:23, 24: No matter what Oyasama says, they all are My words, the words of Oyagami. If you listen believing it to be the truth, I shall teach you about all matters one after another. Be fully sure to believe this to be true.
  19. OC 8:25: There is no other place than this Jiba that can be called the original Home of the Parent were this world and human beings began.
  20. OC 8:27: Unless the entire world is convinced of accepts the real truth of how I began the world, you will not understand, no matter what I say.