Ofudesaki Part 14, verses 1–24

Part 14

From June in the 12th year of Meiji

Part 14: The name “[Cosmic Space-Time]” is changed to “the Parent,” and everything is taught by using the name “the Parent.”

Teachings given through dreams to the people close by who were depressed, fearful of those in the high places

(1) Whatever you may dream, it is by [Cosmic Space-Time]. Whatever is said, also, is all by [Cosmic Space-Time].1

(2) The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] hastens day after day, but the minds of you close to Me are only depressed.2

(3) Why are you depressed? It is because those in high places know nothing.

(4) Unaware of this, the whole world follows them in all matters and is depressed.3

(5) For [Cosmic Space-Time], this is the greatest regret. That is why I do whatever things.4

(6) The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] hastens day after day, but I cannot tell of it in words, even should I desire.

(7) That is why I put the fragrance even into your dreams. Quickly ponder over it, please.5

(8) The regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] is not something that can be told in words.

[Cosmic Space-Time]’s guidance manifested by bodily disorders in order to clear away the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]

(9) Until today, in My talks on whatever matters, I have taught you various things step by step.6

(10) But as the day of the appointed time has not yet come, you have seen nothing.

(11) That is why all of you doubt and erase by your words whatever [Cosmic Space-Time] says.

(12) For [Cosmic Space-Time], this is the greatest regret. By all means, I shall clearly reveal what I have said.7

(13) Though until now there was never a time that whatever I said was immediately seen,

(14) This time, within three days, no one knows what you will hear in the talk of the world.

(15) From now on, [Cosmic Space-Time] will work day after day. There is no knowing what work I shall do.8

(16) Never think in the least that curses, demons, or evil spirits exist in this world.9

(17) I shall clear away all the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] which has piled up mountainously until now.

(18) To explain how it will be cleared away: I, [Cosmic Space-Time], shall do all that I intend.10

(19) Many days have passed since I began this world. Yet perhaps you do not know the truth of [Cosmic Space-Time].11

(20) Whatever is done, is done by [Cosmic Space-Time]. Whatever happens, know that it is not an illness.

(21) Whatever I do to the body, it is not an illness but the care of [Cosmic Space-Time].12

(22) The world is saying that it is cholera, but it is [Cosmic Space-Time] informing you of the regret.13

(23) Everywhere in the world, people are the same: they only have depressed minds.

(24) From now on, firmly replace the mind and become the mind of joyousness.14


  1. OC 14:1: No matter what kind of dream human beings may see or no matter what kind of talk they may hear, it is all done by Me, Oyagami.
  2. OC 14:2: Even though I, Oyagami, am rushing single-hearted salvation day and night, those of you close to Me are solely being hesitant and indecisive.
  3. OC 14:4 *Note: This verse is acknowledging that at the time it was written, people of shallow faith hesitated and followed the orders of the authorities who did not know of the true intention of the faith.
  4. OC 14:5: This is, more than anything else, the source of My great impatience, the impatience of Oyagami. Therefore, I do everything in My power to teach the true path.
  5. OC 14:6, 7: No matter how much I, Oyagami, hasten day after day, because I cannot fully describe this hastening in words, I shall at least inform and guide you through your dreams. Thus quickly ponder and become of a mind that facilitates salvation.
  6. OC 14:9: Until today, I, Oyagami, appeared into the open and spoke about the truth on various matters.
  7. OC 14:12: This is, more than anything else, a source of My frustration. I, Oyagami, will very likely bring all that I have said into reality from now on.
  8. OC 14:15: Since I, Oyagami, will provide free and unlimited workings day after day from this point on, there is no knowing what forms of wondrous protection you will come to see.
  9. OC 14:16: The people of the world see misfortunes such as illnesses and disasters and call it a curse, or the work of a demon or a monster. However, there is no absolutely such thing as curses, demons, or monsters.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—kamai (curse). A more common expression is “tatari.”

  10. OC 14:18: If you are to ask how these thoughts of Mine that have accumulated are to be cleared away, although I, Oyagami, will not necessarily initiate anything on My own, I shall clear My thoughts away by allowing My true intention to all become reality.
  11. OC 14:19: Although a long many years have passed since this world was created until today, there still is no one who knows about the sincerity in My mind, the mind of Oyagami.
  12. OC 14:20, 21: Since all matters are within My providence, disorders of the human body are not illnesses as perceived by the general public, but My form of care that comes from My profound intention for single-hearted salvation.
  13. OC 14:22 *Note: The cholera epidemic occurred in Japan after 1877. The severity of the epidemic differed each year and a great number of people succumbed to it. The epidemic was prevalent in the Yamato region as well. Through this verse, Oyagami is teaching us that we must not only consider the cholera as a contagious disease but also awaken to the divine intention behind it that sought after the spiritual purification of human beings.
  14. OC 14:23, 24: The people of the world have all been the same, and did not know of My true intention no matter where they were from. Since this made you joyless because dust piled and accumulated in your minds, from now on, be sure to firmly replace your minds in accordance with My teaching and live spiritedly upon attaining the mind of joyousness.