Ofudesaki Part 14, verses 25–47

Be of the mind filled with joy as was intended by [Kami] in the beginnings of origin

(25) The reason [Cosmic Space-Time] began human beings was the desire to see you lead a [joyous excursion].1

(26) Because the world does not know this truth, everyone sinks only deeper into depression.2

(27) [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to bring joyousness to all. If anyone dares to stop this, the regret will grow enormous.3

(28) I request you to understand this talk clearly and to ponder quickly.4

From the name “[Cosmic Space-Time]” to “the Parent”

(29) Until now, I taught you by the name [Cosmic Space-Time], but from today I shall use another name.5

The resolution of the Parent of humankind and the regret of the Parent over being opposed by the children

(30) Until today, though the grand shrines and high mountains have thrived and done as they pleased,

(31) From now on, I, the Parent, shall do as I please instead. Defy Me and I shall give a return at once.6

(32) Know that the regret of the Parent even before today has not been slight.

(33) Yet at this time, the world is only rampant in all matters, knowing nothing.7

(34) With you humans, also, your children are dear to you. Think of this and ponder, please.8

(35) Day after day, the concern of the Parent is only about the means to save you.9

(36) Unaware of this, everyone in the world thinks that I am intending something evil.10

(37) In all matters, think well about the Parent’s regret, being only opposed by My own children.11

(38) From now on, as the Parent is revealed, I shall not take opposition from wherever it may come.

(39) This opposition: if anyone becomes rampant and directs it at Me, I shall withdraw at once.12

(40) Whatever I may work, I shall give you as much notice in advance as I possibly can.13

Directives given by the high mountains until now and the directives given by the Parent from now

(41) Until today, though you have been worrying about all matters day after day,

(42) From tomorrow on, whatever you see and whatever you hear will only give you delight.14

(43) Though until this time the high mountains have given directives on every matter,

(44) Hereafter, it is the Parent who will direct. Nothing said against Me shall I ever accept.15

(45) Until now, as the day has not yet come, I have been keeping still on whatever matters.

(46) But today, the time is fully pressing. I shall directly do whatever things as I intend.16

(47) From now on, everything will be as the Parent intends. Just a word and it will be realized without fail.17


  1. OC 14:25: I, Oyagami, created human beings out of the desire to have the entire human race to live a truly enjoyable life and to share in this joy through watching this.

    *Note: “Joyous excursion” (yoki yusan) refers to an ideal life blessed with good health, prosperity, and peace where greed is forgotten.

  2. OC 14:26: All human beings in the world do not know of My sincerity, the sincerity of Oyagami, and travel selfish paths and live self-centeredly. Everyone then solely comes to have a joyless mood due to the dusts you accumulate.
  3. OC 14:27: Although I, Oyagami, am teaching of joyousness, there is no knowing how serious My severe hastening will become if you attempt to stop this.
  4. OC 14:28: I, Oyagami, wish to have you thoroughly listen and understand My talks by all means and quickly gain insight into the truth of sincerity in each of your minds.
  5. OC 14:29 *Note: Until now, Oyagami was known in the teachings as Cosmic Space-Time (Moon-Sun), but from now on Oyagami will be mainly referred to as “the Parent.”
  6. OC 14:30, 31 *Note: Until now, people such as Shinto priests and Buddhist monks have exclusively ruled the ideology and faith of the people with their human thinking. From now on, Oyagami will tell us the true teachings. Thus these verses say that if there is anyone who turns their back on them, this will immediately appear as a return on the body or in particular circumstances.
  7. OC 14:33: Even at present, there are those in the world at large who do not know of My true intention or about My protection and they behave self-centeredly, relying on their strength alone. This is truly far from what I, Oyagami, originally intended.
  8. OC 14:34: Even among human beings, your children are very likely dear to you. Imagine, then, how dear the entire human race is to Me, the Parent of all human beings. Imagine, then, how much I desire to save you.
  9. OC 14:35: Day in and day out, My sole motivation is My desire to save My children, humanity, and have you spiritually mature.
  10. OC 14:36: The world at large does not know of My sincere parental love even in the slightest. They believe as if there is something wrong or harmful about My teachings, the teachings of Oyagami.
  11. OC 14:37: It will do for you to fully contemplate on how severe My impatience is for My children to selfishly and self-centeredly obstruct and interfere with Me.
  12. OC 14:39: No matter who you may be, if you persist on offering opposing words and admonitions that obstruct My true teachings, I, Oyagami, shall take leave from your body.
  13. OC 14:40: In any matter that I, Oyagami, do, I shall do everything in My power to give you caution beforehand so there is no mistake.
  14. OC 14:41, 42: Until now, those of you close to Me did nothing but worry each day. From tomorrow, no matter what you may say or hear, the path will only become a path of delight.
  15. OC 14:43, 44 *Note: Until now, the path was on the receiving end of various interference from people who did not understand. However, at this time, because Oyagami appears into the open and instructs in various matters, these verses go on to say that, no matter what they may say, Oyagami will not tolerate any unjust interference hereafter.
  16. OC 14:46: As of today, because the time has fully ripened, everything shall go according to what I intend.
  17. OC 14:47: From now on, because everything from this to that happens according to My intention, anything that I have once spoken of will come to be see exactly as I said, surely, without fail.