Ofudesaki Part 14, verses 48–71

Lean on the Parent with the mind of sincerity

(48) Throughout the world unto its farthest places, no one knows what will happen.1

(49) Whatever may happen, there will be nothing to fear, depending on your mind of sincerity.2

(50) If only the mind is purified completely, there will be nothing but delight in everything.

(51) If you are of mind to doubt this talk, beware of the paths you may come upon.3

Wishing to convey the Parent’s teaching concerning the truth to all the beloved children

(52) Everyone throughout the world is a child dear to the Parent. There is no knowing what I may say out of My deep love for you.4

(53) In this world, whether it be in the high mountains or the low valleys, everyone is a child of Mine, the Parent.5

(54) This time, by all means, I must have you know the mind of your true Parent.6

(55) If only you have understood it clearly, your life will be filled with joy forever.7

(56) Please become firmly convinced of this path. The Parent requests this of all humankind.8

The workings of the Parent from now on

(57) Though until today we have passed through every kind of path step by step,9

(58) The path from now on will be entirely new and marvelous. If we pass through this path,10

(59) Then the mind of the Parent will spring forth spiritedly, and I shall begin any and every working.11

(60) If only I begin the workings, everyone, whoever one may be, will lean on the Parent.12

(61) I have been preparing to open this path, but perhaps no one is yet aware of it.13

(62) Now begin! In the course of this path from now on, no danger will come to anyone, whoever one may be.14

(63) Though until now I have brought anxiety to those within about various matters,

(64) From tomorrow on, the Parent will go forth a step ahead of you and give a return for every matter.15

(65) Today, you must explain My talks to others in detail step by step. The time has at last come.16

(66) There will be no understanding about anything unless you tell them. Tell them everything, all in detail.17

(67) Perhaps you do not know what this talk is about. Tell them all about the workings of the Parent.18

(68) Perhaps you do not know what My workings are. I shall make all minds in the world be revealed.19

(69) To explain how they are to be revealed: each of you will speak it by your own mouth.20

(70) Whatever kind of thing it may be, when you speak it by your own mouth, it may be impossible to deny.21

(71) From now on, even if each of you keeps silent, the Parent will enter you and make you begin to speak out.22


  1. OC 14:48: There is no knowing what will occur amongst people in this entire world or when. Thus fully take care and be on your guard.
  2. OC 14:49: No matter what may occur, if you only have a mind of sincerity, I, Oyagami, shall protect you, so there is nothing to be afraid of.
  3. OC 14:51: If you doubt this talk out of your shallow human thinking, without knowing of My profound and compassionate parental love, there is no knowing what kind of frightening paths you will come to see.
  4. OC 14:52: Since the human beings of the world are My beloved children, there is no knowing what kind of severe admonishment I will give you out of My affection for you.
  5. OC 14:53: Both those who are living prosperously and those who are living in poverty are all My beloved children.

    *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki 3:125 and 10:45.

  6. OC 14:54: At this time, I wish to inform the entire human race of My sincere parental love by any means.
  7. OC 14:55: If you only would awaken to this sincere parental love of Mine, it will enable you to live joyously and spiritedly for all time. 
  8. OC 14:56: I somehow wish to have all of you to firmly grasp this path of single-hearted salvation.
  9. OC 14:57: Although I have led you until today through a variety and great diversity of paths…
  10. OC 14:58: The course from now that will come to be seen will be a novel path that you have never heard of until now. If you completely pass through this path and inform everyone of My true intention…
  11. OC 14:59: From that point on, My mind will become spirited, cheerful, and joyous, and I, Oyagami, will reveal all forms of free and unlimited protection.
  12. OC 14:60: Once I, Oyagami, begin to provide this free and unlimited protection, all kinds of people will all entrust themselves to Me and come to yearn for this path. 
  13. OC 14:61 I have rushed various preparations until now, thinking to establish the path of manifold forms of salvation. However, no one knows the depth of My parental love behind it.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—shikoshirae (preparing). A more common expression would be junbi or shitaku.

  14. OC 14:62: The course from this point on will not be frightening or dangerous at all; thus be at ease and embark on the path exactly I have taught you.
  15. OC 14:64: From tomorrow, I shall take the lead and embark on My work. So if there happens to be anyone who obstructs the path of single-hearted salvation, I shall immediately give a return.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—ichihana (“a step ahead”), meaning at the very beginning, at the fore.

  16. OC 14:65: From today, there is no reason to hesitate. Go on and convey in detail about My marvelous free and unlimited workings in every matter, for the time to do so is finally pressing.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—sētsū, usually pronounced as setsu. Refer to note to 3:59.

  17. OC 14:66: In any matter, it is a matter of fact that no one will understand if it remains unspoken. Thus, be sure to speak in detail about all forms of My free and unlimited workings.
  18. OC 14:67: Though all of you may not know what this talk is about, this is My plea to for you to speak on everything regarding My free and unlimited workings.
  19. OC 14:68: Though I, Oyagami, refer to My workings, you may not know what this is about. I shall reveal the minds of the people throughout the world into the open.
  20. OC 14:69: If you are to ask how I am to reveal the minds of each person into the open, I shall have each and every person say so through their own lips. 
  21. OC 14:70: Anything that is said by one’s own mouth cannot be hid or concealed, regardless of what it may be about.
  22. OC 14:71: From now on, I shall enter and have each person say what is on their minds, even though they may have no intention of saying it.