Ofudesaki Part 14, verses 72–92

The cleansing of the heart, guidance by means of bodily disorders, and the Parent’s admonition and regret

(72) Hereafter, I shall truly begin to sweep clean the heart of everyone, whoever you may be.

(73) How do you think this sweeping is to be done? There is no knowing how I shall admonish you.1

(74) Whatever happens, do not worry. Everything that happens is an admonition by the Parent.2

(75) No matter how I try to tell you the truth by words, there is no understanding. Oh, the regret of the Parent…3

(76) Therefore, the Parent will enter the body. There is no knowing what I shall do.

(77) However trying your condition may be, it is not an illness but the regret of the Parent.4

The way to clear away the Parent’s regret is the Service done single-heartedly

(78) I do not direct this talk at a particular place. You are all children of Mine, the Parent.5

(79) When the regret of the true Parent comes out, perhaps no one knows the way to settle it.6

(80) But if you are truly sincere, I shall teach you everything [whatsoever].

(81) There is no knowing what I shall say, but should you reject it, I shall withdraw at once.

(82) Until now, I was stopped from whatever I did. There was nothing but rejection.7

(83) Today, whatever I may do or whatever I may say, do not reject it.

(84) I earnestly request you to take this path. The Parent assures you, so there is no need for worry.

(85) Do not wonder what this is about. I need musical instruments for the Service quickly.8

(86) Now today, whatever you may do, you need not worry, for the Parent assures you.9

(87) Until now, because they know nothing, those in high places have always forbidden and opposed Me.10

(88) This time, no one will be able to stand against Me. From anyone who is of mind to defy, the Parent will withdraw!11

(89) On this matter, hasten to resolve your minds firmly and begin quickly.12

(90) Hasten to prepare everything for the Service. Fear nothing, for the Parent gives you assurance.13

(91) On this matter, resolve your minds and ponder. I am in haste to assemble the performers.14

(92) If you quickly unite your minds and do the Service correctly, the world will settle.15


  1. OC 14:73: How do you think this cleansing of the heart is being done? There is no knowing what kind of admonition I will give through the severe disorder of the body or circumstance.
  2. OC 14:74: No matter what kind of attention you may receive through a severe physical disorder or circumstance, never be concerned. This is all My admonition that comes from My warm parental love that is thinking about My children.
  3. OC 14:75: No matter how much sincerity you express by word of mouth, it truly makes be impatient on My part that you do not understand My teachings in your mind.
  4. OC 14:77: No matter what kind of attention I, Oyagami, give through a severe physical disorder, this is not an illness. It is My overwhelming frustration being revealed.
  5. OC 14:78: Never think that this talk is just for someone else. Since the entire world is filled with My beloved children, this talk applies to everyone.
  6. OC 14:79: There is no one who knows how to settle matters once My frustration, that has accumulated and piled high, actually appears out into the open.
  7. OC 14:82: Until today, everyone has stopped everything I have done for the sake of single-hearted salvation and solely turned their backs on My intention.

    *Note: It was Oyagami’s greatest source of hastening for the Joyous Service be conducted for the sake of single-hearted salvation. Nevertheless, when the Service was conducted when this verse was written, it was immediately stopped from the outside. Since the people close to Oyasama tended to be depressed over this, Oyagami stated: “It will not do to be depressed. I will take charge, so be sure to conduct the Service without any concern.”

    The verses until verse 92 all are instructions addressing this topic.

  8. OC 14:85: You may wonder what I am requesting. I wish for you to quickly set about and add the musical instruments for the sake of the Joyous Service.
  9. OC 14:86: While you may add the musical instruments and conduct the Joyous Service exactly as I, Oyagami, told you, there is no need for the slightest concern. I shall take charge with utmost certainty and show you My protection.
  10. OC 14:87: Until now, the people who are in high positions stopped and interfered with the Joyous Service since they do not know of My true intention.
  11. OC 14:88: At this time, there is no one who is My match. If there is anyone who still comes to stop Me, I shall stop My protection of the body.
  12. OC 14:89: Since there is no need for any concern at present, conduct the Joyous Service as quickly as possible without hesitation and with the resolve to carry out My thoughts.
  13. OC 14:90: Be sure to quickly make all the preparations for the Joyous Service that I, Oyagami, am hastening. There is nothing to be afraid of in the slightest since I shall take charge of all matters.
  14. OC 14:91: I, Oyagami, wish for you to grasp My thoughts that are hastening for the Joyous Service. Resolve and make the preparations to quickly assemble the performers for the Service.
  15. OC 14:92: Once everyone quickly becomes united in mind and firmly conducts the Joyous Service, this world will become a world of true peace.