Ofudesaki Part 15, verses 1–21

Part 15

From January in the 13th year of Meiji

Part 15: [Kami] is hastening the gathering of performers to complete the Service and teaching the cleansing of the heart. We strongly feel the urgency of the serious situation

Using the lameness of Shuji’s leg as a basis for teaching, [Kami] urges each person to set the mind to perform Service

(1) Until today, I have been biding My time, refraining from speaking out on whatever matters.1

(2) But today, I shall speak out on any and every matter. Please think of the regret of the Parent.2

(3) Until today, you have been thinking that whatever I said was from a human mind.

(4) But now, whatever I may say, do not think in the least I have a human mind.

(5) You do not know what I shall say, but whatever I may say, please comply.3

(6) This time, whatever test I may put you through, resolve your mind firmly by it.4

(7) I do not indicate anyone in particular by this talk. It is for each of you to resolve the mind.5

(8) However trying your condition may be, the Parent will work to the utmost. Take heart!6

(9) From now on, please be firmly convinced of the words of the Parent. There is no need to worry.

(10) From tomorrow, the Parent will begin the workings. Perhaps there will be no one able to defy Me.7

Returns for the “regret” and the blessings according to the mind

(11) Forty-three years ago, the Parent became revealed and has been teaching even until now.8

(12) Yet until today, despite My many regrets, I have been keeping still.9

(13) Now today, though I have been holding back, the stomach of [Cosmic Space-Time] has burst open.10

(14) Until now, with the thought that you are neighbors, I have been quiet in restraint.11

(15) But this time, I shall discern your mind, whoever you are, and begin to work at once.12

(16) Though regret is so piled up within Me, I shall save all of you according to your minds.13

(17) However high My regret is piled, I shall work, holding fast to the utmost.14

The sweeping done by manifesting the innermost heart of each person upon his body

(18) Today, there is no knowing what I may say. I shall reveal all the regret of the Parent.15

(19) Though until now no one has known the truth of the human mind,

(20) Now today, whoever you may be, I shall clearly reveal your true innermost heart.16

(21) If only it is revealed entirely, the sweeping of the heart will be accomplished of itself.17


  1. OC 15:1: Until today, I withheld disclosing My profound thoughts regarding any matter.

    *Note: “Jikkuri” is an expression in the Yamato dialect that means to hold back without hurrying.

  2. OC 15:2: Because the time has arrived today, I, Oyagami, will tell you about all matters. I wish to have you listen and fully know the severity of My frustration that has piled up until now.
  3. OC 15:5: There is no knowing what I may say. Yet, I wish for you to fully understand, no matter what I may say.
  4. OC 15:6: At this time, I shall give a test. There is no knowing what kind of test I will give. However, be sure it firmly resolves your mind. 
  5. OC 15:7: I will not say that this test will be given to anyone in particular. It is best for each of you to consider it your own matter and resolve your mind.
  6. OC 15:8 Since My test will appear as a disorder of the body or a difficult circumstance, there is no knowing how much suffering it may cause. But despite how much it may make you suffer, this is a test. Be aware that I, the true Kami and Parent, will offer you My strength and stand behind you, so it is best that you firmly resolve your mind and not allow your spirits to fall with any disorder of the body or a difficult circumstance. 
  7. OC 15:10: From tomorrow, since I, Oyagami, shall work directly and personally, no one will be able to turn their backs on what I do.
  8. OC 15:11: I appeared into the open 43 years ago and began giving this Teaching.

    *Note: “Forty-three years ago” refers to Tenpo 9 or 1838.

  9. OC 15:12: From that time until today, for the most part I stood still several times, holding back and putting up with an intense amount of frustration.
  10. OC 15:13: Today finally marks the arrival of the occasion to reveal My true intention out into the open. 
  11. OC 15:14: Until now, I did not hurry and watched in silence out of consideration for the villagers.

    *Note: As for “mura” (although translated as “neighbors” it literally means “village”) the villagers of Mishima Village at the time (the villages of Mishima and Shoyashiki were merged into a single village on May 29, 1877) did not know anything about Tenrikyo, showing their disapproval and opposition at each matter.

  12. OC 15:15: At this time, I, Oyagami, shall discern the kind of mind each of you may have, no matter what kind of mind it may be and immediately reveal My protection according to the state of your mind.
  13. OC 15:16: My frustration has piled and accumulated to such a degree. If human beings would only swiftly replace their minds and entrust themselves to Me…
  14. OC 15:17: No matter how much disappointment and frustration piles and accumulates in My mind, if human beings would only pray to Me after replacing their minds I shall work and completely stand behind you. 
  15. OC 15:18: On this day today, there is no knowing what I may say. I, Oyagami, shall reveal all My frustration that have piled and accumulated layer upon layer.
  16. OC 15:19, 20: Until today, there was no one who knew of the thoughts that lay in the backs of people’s minds. From today, I shall reveal and show each and every thought that lies in the backs of people’s minds.
  17. OC 15:21: If the mind of each person would only be revealed through a disorder of the body or circumstance, the cleansing of the heart will be accomplished naturally on its own.