Ofudesaki Part 15, verses 72–90

The urgent hastening of the Service done single-heartedly

(72) Now a request. What do you think I request? Quickly assemble the musical instruments and begin practice.1

(73) Though until this time I have continued to keep still on whatever matters,

(74) Now today, by all means, you must quickly do the Service.2

(75) Though until now I have made requests of you in various matters step by step,3

(76) Whatever I request, no one understands. Oh, the regret of the Parent…4

(77) Please clearly understand this talk about My regret and appeals at this time.

(78) Today, whatever the Parent may say concerning any matter, do not oppose it.

(79) Until now, whatever talks I gave and whatever I said were but a fragrance.5

(80) But My talks today are in the fullness of time. Everything I say will be seen at once.6

(81) This talk is that, now, I shall clear away the regret piling in My heart for forty-three years.7

(82) Unaware of this, those of you within are thinking of everything as being worldly common.8

(83) This path has truly been a path of hardship for forty-three years.9

(84) Though no one has known of it until now, this time I shall clear it all away.10

(85) To explain how it will be cleared away: I shall reveal everything solely by the Service.11

(86) As to this Service, whatever the Parent may say about any matter, do not oppose it.12

(87) I request you earnestly, especially in this matter, so you will not be remorseful later.

(88) If anyone dares to stop this Service, I shall withdraw even from the proxy at once.13

(89) You close to Me, what are you thinking about this talk? I cannot wait even for a breath.14

(90) Quickly begin to bring out the musical instruments at least. I am hastening solely for the Service.15


  1. OC 15:72: Now, I have a request. If you ask what this request is about, I request you to quickly assemble the musical instruments and practice them.
  2. OC 15:74: As of today, despite what the situation may be, it is the occasion in which the Service must be swiftly conducted.
  3. OC 15:75: Until today, I have gradually made requests of all kinds regarding the Service.
  4. OC 15:76: Yet no matter what I, Oyagami, requested, no one listened and understood. This truly makes Me impatient, so much that I cannot bear it.
  5. OC 15:79: Until now, no matter what talks I gave or what I spoke of, it was only as if were an emitting of a fragrance.
  6. OC 15:80: The talk I give today is not just a fragrance. Since the seasonable time has fully come, reality will take shape in exact accordance with My intention, the intention of Oyagami.
  7. OC 15:81: As of this talk: the time has finally arrived, I clear away now My thoughts that have piled and accumulated from 43 years ago.
  8. OC 15:82: Unaware of this, those within are thinking of all matters in a worldly and ordinary way.
  9. OC 15:83: Since its inception 43 years ago until today, this path was truly a path filled with extraordinary difficulties.
  10. OC 15:84: Until now, no one knew of this matter. Yet at this time I shall clear away the thoughts that have accumulated.
  11. OC 15:85: If you ask how this clearing away is to be done, I shall reveal it all solely through the Service.
  12. OC 15:86: No matter what I, Oyagami, may say regarding this Service, be sure to do everything as I say and not turn your backs on My words in any matter.
  13. OC 15:88: If you are to stop the single-hearted effort to complete the Service that is to begin at this time, I shall immediately receive the proxy at least.

    *Note: “Proxy” (myodai): This verse was thought to be a prediction that Oyagami would receive Otojiro’s life in place of his father Shuji.

  14. OC 15:89: What are those of you close to Me thinking about this talk? Since the seasonable time is imminent, I, Oyagami, cannot wait, even for the span of a single breath.
  15. OC 15:90: Quickly bring out the musical instruments at least. This is because I, Oyagami, am solely hastening (the completion of) the Service.