Ofudesaki Part 16, verses 1–22

Part 16

From April in the 14th year of Meiji

Part 16: [Kami] is hastening the cleansing of the heart and the replacement of the mind by teaching the significance of the Service, by speaking about the advent of the day when the Service is to be performed, and by indicating a broad path ahead filled with brightness.

Teaching the Truth of Heaven

(1) Until now, perhaps no one has known about the origin of human beings at the beginning of this world.1

(2) At this time, by all means, I wish to teach everything about this origin clearly to the world.2

(3) The origin is represented by the two members of the Kagura. Truly, this Service is the beginning of this world.

(4) What is called the Kagura this time is the Parent who began human beings.3

(5) There being no one who knows the origin, I shall teach you all of this truth.4

(6) Though even until now I have tried to persuade you day after day and to teach you step by step,

(7) And yet today, no matter how [Cosmic Space-Time] strives to teach, there is no understanding in the minds of all.

(8) Therefore, as the time has already come, I must give you a return.5

(9) Do not think this return is a small matter. It will appear here and there in a great number.

(10) There is perhaps no one anywhere, still, who knows the origin of human beginnings in this world.

(11) This time, by all means, I wish to teach all of this truth clearly to the entire world.6

(12) Listen! This origin is the venerable Kunitokotachi and Omotari.

(13) After looking through the muddy waters, these personages drew a fish and a serpent to them.7

[Kami]’s admonition for human thoughts obstructing the preparations for the Service.

(14) This time, My regret is at the heart’s core. Is there not a means to clear it away?

(15) Of this matter, [Kami] will firmly take charge. Know that I shall give every kind of return.

(16) When this return is seen, the heart of everyone in the world will be swept clean of its own accord.8

[Kami]’s imminent return for obstructing the performance of the Service of the Kanrodai

(17) Though until now I have been keeping still, overlooking every kind of thing,

(18) Now, as the day is pressing, I shall give a return for all things at once.

(19) If anyone comes here with a mind to stop Me, there is no knowing where [Cosmic Space-Time] will at once appear.9

(20) You may not know what My appearance means. [Cosmic Space-Time] will appear to take him away. Beware.10

(21) Today, the time is fully pressing. There is no knowing what kinds of paths there will be.11

(22) Be aware, all of you throughout the world. There is no knowing when [Cosmic Space-Time] will appear to take you.12


  1. OC 16:1 It is most likely that there was no one until now who knew the true origin of how this world was created and the birth of human beings.
  2. OC 16:2: At this time, I want to somehow thoroughly teach this true origin to the entire world.
  3. OC 16:3, 4: The two performers of the Kagura representing Cosmic Space-Time (the Moon and the Sun) represent Me, the original Kami and Parent of human creation.

    *Note: These verses are declaring that the two dancers who wear the Kagura masks in the Kagura Service represent the providence of Cosmic Space-Time or the original Kami, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto.

  4. OC 16:5: Since there is no one who knows is fundamental truth, I shall teach everything about how I created the world and human beings in clear detail.
  5. OC 16:6–8: Even until now, though I gradually told you in detail that the true origin of this world is Cosmic Space-Time, all of you still do not comprehend what I say. Now, today, since the time is pressing, I will have no choice but to give a return for any mistaken conduct.
  6. OC 16:10, 11: It is most likely that there is still no one who knows the fundamental truth behind the creation of human beings in this world. I shall by all means teach all of you this fundamental truth at this time.
  7. OC 16:12, 13: Listen attentively! I, the original Kami and Parent that created this world and human beings are Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto and Omotari-no-Mikoto. It was these two divine Parents who looked through the muddy ocean and first drew the uo (fish) and mi (serpent) to Them, gradually exerted their minds and created human beings.

    *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 6:29–51.

  8. OC 16:14–16 *Note: On the spread of the path, while the number of people yearning for and gathering at Jiba gradually increased, on the other hand, the crackdowns against the path by the authorities became increasingly severe. Thus Shuji felt compelled to run a steam bath and inn to make it easier for followers to worship. However, since the Residence had no official recognition as a place for worship, when the Service was conducted, the police would immediately come to stop it and disperse followers who had come to worship. This in turn would cause harm to Oyasama, thus, Shuji thought of ways that would allow followers to freely come and worship. This resulted in the establishment of a place of worship called Tenrin-O-kosha, a subordinate to Kongo Jifukuji, a Buddhist temple in the ninth lunar month of 1880. A scroll of the Buddhist deity Tenrin-O-Nyorai was hung in the room where the upper dais was located. A bamboo screen was placed in front of this scroll and a mirror was placed as the symbol of worship of Tenri-O-no-Mikoto. This situation continued until 9/16 of the lunar month of 1872 (or October 27, 1882, Gregorian calendar) when these objects were removed, which reveals the severity of the crackdowns against the faith were at the time. The crackdowns mainly came in the form of stopping the Joyous Service. Oyagami felt extremely regretful concerning this. These verses relate that returns will be given in order to clear away Oyagami’s frustration. Once these returns come to be seen, people will come to the point where they need to cleanse their hearts on their own.
  9. OC 16:19: There is no knowing where I, Oyagami, will immediately come out if you come with the mind intending to stop this Service.
  10. OC 16:20: Though I say “appearance,” you may not know what this is about. Since it means that I will come to receive your life, it is best that you be fully aware of this.
  11. OC 16:21: Since on this day today the season has fully ripened, there is no knowing when any kinds of path you will come to see.
  12. OC 16:22: It is best for all human beings of the entire world to firmly resolve a mind of sincerity, for there is no knowing when I may come to lead you.