Ofudesaki Part 16, verses 23–43

[Oyagami]’s concerns over the marriage proposal of Otojiro

(23) Today, I shall begin to tell you of a marvelous thing. No one knows what I shall say.

(24) Everywhere in the world, people are alike: you prepare to marry off your children.

(25) But no matter how well you prepare, no one knows what the future might be.1

Understand the intention of [Oyagami]

(26) Whatever intention [Cosmic Space-Time] may have, there is no one who knows the course of its path.

(27) There is no knowing what you may see in a dream. Hereafter, things will change and your mind will be spirited.2

(28) You may dream of marvelous things. Take it as a sign and begin the Service.3

(29) Today, you have heard Me on any and every matter. At any moment, things will change.4

(30) Whatever may happen, bear no grudge. It is all what you have done to yourselves.5

(31) To [Cosmic Space-Time], all of you equally are children of Mine. Though love for you fills My thoughts,

(32) There can be no help for what each of you has done self-centeredly. I can only look on caringly.6

(33) Though today you know nothing at all, look toward the morrow. A great broad path will open.7

(34) When this path comes to be seen, there will be no one able to stand against Me.8

(35) Whatever intent [Cosmic Space-Time] may have, there is perhaps no one who knows this mind.

(36) When it begins to be seen, the innermost heart of you everywhere will be purified of its own accord.9

[Oyagami] and Oyasama sees into the mind of everyone, manifests the state of his mind on his body, and urges self-reflection

(37) From now on, I shall speak solely about all things unknown since this world began.

(38) Though until now no one has known the truth of the human mind,

(39) This time, as [Kami] is openly revealed, I shall teach you everything about all matters.10

(40) I do not indicate anyone in particular by this talk. I shall give notice through bodily disorders.11

(41) Do not wonder why I say such things. I speak out of My deep love for you.

(42) Whatever you may do, there is nothing which in unknown to [Kami].12

(43) Therefore, I shall give you notice of everything beforehand, and then begin My work.13


  1. OC 16:24, 25: In the world at large, when a child reaches maturity, it is a sign of a parent’s love to make preparations to make sure that the child marries. However, no matter how much you may prepare, there is very likely no one who knows what their child’s future holds.

    *Note: These are words regarding Shuji’s illegitimate son Otojiro (refer to note for Ofudesaki 1:26), who was sent to the branch family of the pawnbrokers the Muratas of Ta Village as an adopted son. Since Oyasama knew of Otojiro’s causality and his future behavior, She was against the prospect, saying that the any effort to send him off for marriage was the same as throwing him into muddy water. Yet from the standpoint of Shuji’s wife Matsue, she felt the obligation to make considerable amount of preparations. Although they were not rich, she managed to raise some money for a chest of drawers, a case for account books, a hundred yen, and a third-grade rice field for him to take when he married into the Murata family. Otojiro would later move to Magata Village where he attempted to be a shoyu dealer, a task he was unaccustomed to, and ended up losing money in the process. Upon leading a fast life, he had the Nakayama family buy back the rice field he was given and sold off various household possessions for money. He had completely lost his fortune within a year or two and the marriage was eventually dissolved in 1883.

  2. OC 16:27: There is no knowing what wondrous, dreamlike things will come to be seen in the future. The state of the path will then change, and everyone’s minds will become spirited.
  3. OC 16:28: There is no knowing what kind of extraordinary dreams you may dream. Take them as a sign to set about and conduct the Joyous Service.
  4. OC 16:29: As of today, since I have told you all kinds of matters, you ought to understand them quite well. However, there is no knowing when the state of the path will change.
  5. OC 16:30: No matter what may occur to you, you must not bear a grudge against others. Everything that occurs to you is invited by the paths each of your minds has taken.
  6. OC 16:31, 32: While I exert My minds in various ways out of My live for all My children, all is in vain if you solely act selfishly and self-centeredly. Thus I am sitting still and watching the situation.
  7. OC 16:33: At this point today, everyone does not know anything, however, you will soon come to see a great, splendid path.
  8. OC 16:34: While the path now is a narrow path, once this wide path comes to be seen, no one can oppose you no matter who they may be.
  9. OC 16:36: If but a single part of My intention becomes reality, the minds of the people throughout the world will naturally become purified on their own.
  10. OC 16:38, 39: Until now, there was no one who knew the truth regarding the human mind. However, since I have appeared out into the open at this time, I shall teach you all matters.
  11. OC 16:40 I do not specify where this talk is directed. I shall teach you the truth of the minds of everyone through the body and circumstances. If there happens to be dusts in your mind, I shall inform you of it by a disorder of the body.
  12. OC 16:42: In all kinds of matters, there is not a single matter human beings do that escapes My notice, the notice of Oyagami.
  13. OC 16:43: Since this is the case, I give caution beforehand so you do not engage in mistaken uses of the mind in all matters. If you still do not listen to My caution, you shall see My tending on the body or through a circumstance.