Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 44–69

The manifestation of the truth written with the Writing Brush and [Cosmic Space-Time]’s request” in connection with the divine intent to fill everyone with joy

(44) The truth recorded by My writing brush: lo, it is seen! Your minds will be spirited.1

(45) If only this is seen, all of you will be filled with joy, whoever you may be.2

(46) All of you in the world, please understand these thoughts quickly. It is [Cosmic Space-Time]’s request.3

Illness, the Breath, and the Hand Dance

(47) From today, I shall begin to speak of marvelous things. Perhaps you have no idea of what I shall say.

(48) Whatever I say in this talk, do not turn away. The intention of [Kami] is great.4

(49) My talks from now will be on the way to clear away the mountainous regret of [Kami].5

(50) Hereafter, however serious an illness may be, I shall save you all by the Breath and the Hand Dance.6

(51) However serious an illness there may be, never say that it will not be cured.

(52) Until today, as the day of the appointed time had not arrived, things were not all as I had said.

(53) But now, I shall give you My teachings on every matter. In nothing shall there be an error.7

Hastening the Joyous Service

(54) Though the course of your path until now has truly been one of hardship,

(55) In the path ahead, everything will raise your spirits. What a marvelous path it will be!

(56) Through you may see Me rush out by leaps and bounds, never be anxious of mind.8

(57) Afterward, [Cosmic Space-Time] will take all matters in hand and assure you a life full of joy everlasting.9

The arrival of the time of the Joyous Service

(58) Until now, whatever talks I had given you, you thought they were about the future far away.10

(59) But, lo, how frightful! I appears even as you hear of it. You cannot be off your guard in anything.

(60) Hereafter, I shall make your minds spirited day by day. All things will be just as I say.11

(61) However difficult things may appear, I shall save you all by the Joyous Service.

Have faith in Oyasama’s teachings as the voice of [Oyagami] since the truth if Oyasama is one with [Oyagami]

(62) There is no knowing what workings I shall do from now on. In accordance with your minds, I shall do anything, however great.12

(63) [Cosmic Space-Time] will clear away all the mind’s regret step by step, whatever it may be.

(64) Whatever is said, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. There is no knowing the workings I shall do.

(65) Whatever appears, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. Do not think I have a human mind.13

(66) From today, I shall hasten all matters. No one knows the workings I shall do.

(67) These thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time] are spoken through Her: the mouth is human, the mind is that of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(68) Listen! I, [Cosmic Space-Time], am borrowing Her mouth wholly, and I, [Cosmic Space-Time], am lending My mind wholly.14

(69) If you are harboring doubts over this, [Cosmic Space-Time] will give a full return in whatever matters.15


  1. OC 12:44: The matters that I have recorded with this writing brush have finally become reality. When My words become reality, the minds of people will become uplifted and spirited.
  2. OC 12:45: If you only begin to see this, everyone in the entire world will attain a state of brimming with joyousness.
  3. OC 12:46: I somehow wish for the people of the world to become acknowledge of the depth of My parental love. I request this out of my deep love for you.
  4. OC 12:48: Do not ever turn your back on the matters on which I share My insight, despite what they may be about. This is because I, Oyagami, have a great intention.
  5. OC 12:49: I shall from now speak on the arrangements I will make to clear away these thoughts of Mine, these thoughts of Oyagami, that have piled high like a mountain.
  6. OC 12:50 *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 6:105–8 for an explanation of “Breath and the Hand Dance.”
  7. OC 12:52, 53: Until now, the time to reveal My free and unlimited workings had not arrived, thus there were matters that did not appear as I, Oyagami, said they would. But from now on, I shall speak and instruct you in all matters. Matters of all kinds will become reality, without fail.
  8. OC 12:56: I, Oyagami, shall proceed from one step to the next. Never be concerned, no matter what may occur with My divine power.
  9. OC 12:57: I, Oyagami, will take charge of all matters from this point on, always protecting you so that you can live with joyousness.
  10. OC 12:58: No matter what kinds of talks I, Oyagami, gave until now, all of you listened carelessly without taking heed to what I said, thinking that it was impossible to know when these were matters would appear.
  11. OC 12:60: I shall set out day after day to make minds spirited from now on. All matters will appear exactly in the manner which I say they will.
  12. OC 12:62: There is no knowing what kind of extraordinary workings I shall do from this point on. I shall reveal all forms of protection according to your minds.
  13. OC 12:65: All matters that you come to see are all done by Me, Oyagami. Never think that these are matters done out of human thoughts.
  14. OC 12:67, 68 *Note: Because Oyasama was physically a human being, there may be a tendency to take what She says as something coming from an ordinary human mouth. However, this verse is conveying that Oyasama is the Shrine of Oyagami, and all the matters that are spoken through Oyasama’s mouth are the words of Oyagami and that Oyasama’s mind is the manifestation of Oyagami’s mind. Refer to note for 7:54–56.
  15. OC 12:69: *Note: It is Oyagami, the Parent of Origin, who speaks through Oyasama’s mouth. Thus, the matters that Oyasama does and speaks of are all matters that Oyagami has taken charge of. This verse is conveying that if there is anyone who cannot come to believe this matter and has doubt or discontent in their heart, Oyagami will respond accordingly to the minds of all these people.