Ofudesaki Part 16, verses 64–79

How to settle what is stated in the preceding section; preparations for the Service

(64) Therefore, I shall tell you how to settle matters. All of you in the world must ponder quickly.

(65) Concerning the Service: never think that I have any other intention. I have only the single desire to save all of you.1

(66) Unaware of this, everyone is thinking that it is somehow evil.2

[Oyagami]’s intention and human thinking (using the dowry prepared for Otojiro as a basis for teaching)

(67) As human beings are shallow, you speak about everything without knowing the core.3

(68) Until today, I have said nothing and remained still. Behold this regret of Mine.

(69) From now on, I, [Kami], shall carry out My intentions. There is no knowing what I shall do.

(70) Though until now you have said things and thought about things, doing as you pleased,4

(71) Hereafter, [Kami] will rule, you will not be able to do anything as you please.5

(72) Nothing is visible to human eyes, everything is seen in the eyes of [Kami].

(73) Please wait awhile giving away what you prepared. It is like throwing it into muddy water.6

The advent of the appointed time and “[Cosmic Space-Time] will come to lead you”

(74) Until now, I have said nothing about any matter. Today, I must speak out on everything.

(75) Now today, any and all things will appear. When the appointed time comes, [Cosmic Space-Time] will come to lead you.

(76) Today, the time has become sufficiently full. There is no knowing when I shall come lead [Her] forth.

(77) Leading [Her] forth is no small matter. I see a great number of people but perhaps no one is aware.7

(78) No matter on how a high place you may be, today finally, things will change entirely.8

(79) Now ponder! From now one you must replace your mind. It will not do, not to ponder and resolve!9


  1. OC 16:65: The Joyous Service is not but for any other purpose, even in the slightest. It is solely done out of My single wish to save the entire world.
  2. OC 16:66: Unaware of this, everyone misunderstands, thinking as if it were a distraction or hindrance.
  3. OC 16:67: Since human beings are truly shallow, they say this and that, unaware of My true intention, the intention of Oyagami.
  4. OC 16:70: Until today, human beings have pondered and said things on all matters from their selfish ways of thinking.
  5. OC 16:71: Since I, Oyagami, will control all things in the future, you will not be able to dominate all matters with your human minds.
  6. OC 16:72, 73 *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 16:24, 25.
  7. OC 16:75–77 As of today, you will come to see various things. Once the appointed time comes, I shall come to lead Her. As of today, since the appointed time has fully ripened, there is no knowing when I will come to lead Her away. While I say “lead Her forth,” do not consider this to be a small matter. It is very likely that there is no one who knows that a large number of people will come and gather.

    *Note: It is considered that these verses are referring to the authorities’ summoning of Oyasama.

  8. OC 16:78: No matter how high your position in society may be, the situation will gradually change from now that you will not be able to indulge in selfish behavior.
  9. OC 16:79: Now, think carefully! You must replace your minds from now on and firmly resolve a mind of true sincerity.