Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 1–24

Part 17

Part 17: Focus on the truth of the Kanrodai

The Kanrodai and the Jiba

(1) Until now, no one has known what path this is. From this day on, you will understand the path.

(2) What do you think this path is about? It is solely about the Kanrodai.1

(3) What do you think this Stand is? It is the prime treasure of Nihon.2

(4) What is the thinking among all of you about this? Perhaps no one knows its origin.3

(5) At this time, by all means, I truly wish to teach everything about this origin to the world.4

(6) This origin is exactly the center of the bodies of Izanagi and Izanami.

(7) There at the Jiba, I began all the human beings in this world.

(8) The Jiba in Nihon is the native place of all people in the world.5

(9) As proof of My beginning of human beings, I shall put the Kanrodai into place.6

(10) If only this Stand comes to completion, there will be nothing that cannot be realized.

(11) Until then, the heart of everyone throughout the world must be swept clean.7

The completion of the Service and the prerequisite for this on the part of human beings

(12) In this sweeping, there will be no discrimination. Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] is discerning you.8

(13) Wherever you may be, [Cosmic Space-Time] will accept all of you in accordance with your minds.9

(14) Whatever mind you may have had until now, replace it, even in the span of a night!

(15) If you truly replace the mind in its entirety, [Cosmic Space-Time] will accept it, too, at once.10

(16) To [Cosmic Space-Time], all of you in the world are My children. Love for you fills Me: this is My single heart.11

Urging the cleansing of the heart through bodily disorders

(17) Until now, there has been no one who knows the innermost heart.

(18) This time, wherever you may be, I shall tell you all about the innermost heart.

(19) Until now, if you were set apart by even one wall, you would know nothing of whatever was said.

(20) From today, there will be no time even to look aside. There is no knowing what will be accomplished as in a dream.12

The dawn of the path toward joyousness in everything

(21) The regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] until now has been by no means a small matter.

(22) Until today, though you have known nothing, now, the great main path is coming into sight.

(23) Because I wished to see this path quickly, I have hastened. From this time forward, there will be joyousness in everything.13

(24) What do you think this talk is about? If only the tip of My writing brush begins to be seen…14


  1. OC 17:2 If you were to ask what the true intention of the path is, it is to purify people’s minds with the Kanrodai alone.

    *Note: The Kanrodai was first mentioned in 1869 in Ofudesaki Part 2 (Refer to Ofudesaki 2:39). Following this, Oyasama had Izo Iburi build a model in 1873. Further, the identification of the Jiba for the Kanrodai took place on the lunar calendar date of 5/26/1875. Its detailed measurements were first specified in Ofudesaki Part 09 (Refer to Ofudesaki Part 9, verses 49–64). Construction of a stone Kanrodai began in 1881 and two sections were made, but were confiscated by the police on May 12, 1882. Following this, the Jiba was marked by a pile of pebbles until 1888. In 1888, a Kanrodai of two sections made from wooden boards marked the Jiba. A wooden model of the Kanrodai as seen at present was first built October 1934. A stone Kanrodai according to Oyagami’s intention will be built once the minds of the people in the entire world are purified.

  2. OC 17:3: What do you think of this Kanrodai? Truly, this is the most important treasure of nihon*Note: For an explanation of “nihon,” refer to note for Ofudesaki 2:47.
  3. OC 17:4: What are all of you thinking of this Kanrodai? No one knows about its fundamental origin.
  4. OC 17:5: I wish by means to teach the entire world of the original reason to build the Kanrodai at this time.
  5. OC 17:7, 8: It is this place where all the human beings throughout the world were created. Since I begin the Teaching for the salvation of one and all with this principle at Jiba at this time, to all humanity, Jiba is the place where I reveal My providence and the nostalgic homeland of nihon.
  6. OC 17:9: The Kanrodai shall be placed at this Jiba of Origin as the proof of human creation.
  7. OC 17:10, 11: If this Kanrodai is built exactly as I have taught, the free and unlimited world of joyousness will arrive according to My ideal. Thus, the minds of people everywhere throughout the world must be cleansed.
  8. OC 17:12: Of this cleansing: be fully aware that it will be done across the entire world impartially without any distinction or favoritism.
  9. OC 17:13: Since I, Oyagami, see and know everything, I shall not discriminate or show favoritism and accept each mind as it is from everyone throughout the world, no matter where they may be from.
  10. OC 17:14 ,15: Until now, no matter what kind of use of mind that you had that was not in accordance with My mind, once you awaken to your error and completely replace your mind with the mind of sincerity, I shall accept it totally and provide you with free and unlimited protection. 
  11. OC 17:16: To Me, since all human beings throughout the world are My children, My mind is filled with love for you.
  12. OC 17:19, 20: Since human minds are shallow, even there is a single wall that stands between, you will not understand nothing in the slightest no matter what I may speak. Yet after today, I, Oyagami, who sees and knows all, I shall show miraculous workings that will make you wonder if you are dreaming. Be on your guard without the slightest moment of inattention.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—kabe hito yo (“one wall”). A more common expression is kabe hitoe.

  13. OC 17:23: I hastened, solely wishing to see this great path. From now on, whatever you see or hear—there will be joyousness in everything.
  14. OC 17:24: What do you think of this talk that it will become joyousness from this point on? Once what I have written down with the tip of My writing brush becomes reality, the world will all become spirited, and it will become a world of joyousness.