Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 25–55

The way to clear away the “regret” and the arrival of the time to begin this

(25) Until now, I have listened to whatever things. This time, indeed, I shall clear My regret away.1

(26) What do you think this clearing away is to be? There is no knowing where or when I may withdraw.2

(27) This regret from My long journey till now: know that it is not a small matter.

(28) From now on, I shall give returns for it. Be aware of it, all of you.3

(29) Without saying who it is to be, [Cosmic Space-Time] is watching everyone throughout the world closely.4

(30) Whatever you may say or think, there is nothing that [Cosmic Space-Time] does not know.

(31) Hereafter, whatever I shall do, [Cosmic Space-Time] will give you notice of it beforehand.5

(32) From now on, if the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] appears, there is no knowing what will happen.6

(33) Today, everything has piled up to its limit. Watch! I shall clear away the regret of [Kami].7

The significance of the Kanrodai and [Kami]’s regret over its removal

(34) Until now, no one has known the Jiba of Origin, where I began the human beings of this world.

(35) This time, by all means, I wish to teach this truth clearly to the entire world.8

(36) Therefore, I began to set up the Kanrodai. It is for the place of the true origin.9

(37) The reason I began such a thing is that I desire to save the whole world.10

(38) Despite this, it was taken away by My children who knew nothing. Behold My regret!11

(39) Listen carefully! There is no knowing what kinds of returns will be given hereafter.12

(40) This regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]: it is by no means a small matter.

(41) About the returns: do not think of them as small matters. There is no knowing what [Cosmic Space-Time] will do.

(42) What do all of you think of this talk? The regret of [Kami] is indeed great.13

(43) Though until now I have passed through every kind of path step by step,

(44) As the appointed time has not yet come, I have been keeping still.

(45) Now, the day is fully pressing. At the appointed time, I shall give the returns at once.

(46) When do you think this day will come? When the twenty-sixth day has come.14

(47) Thereafter, I shall reveal all the true mind of everyone of you by all means.

The deep love of the Parent for the children and showing proof of marvelous salvation by means of the Salvation Service

(48) Do not wonder why I say such things. I speak out of My deep love for you.

(49) For all of you children in the world, there is only love in the thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(50) Therefore, I desire to sweep clean the heart of everyone throughout the world.

(51) Why do you think I desire this sweeping? It is because My thoughts are only for your salvation.

(52) The salvation is not just to cure illness. I intend it to be a marvelous salvation.15

(53) What do you think this salvation is? It is to be free from illness, death, and weakening.16

(54) Such a thing has been unknown anywhere until now. I desire to show you the proof of it.

(55) It is a thing not to be found anywhere until now. At this time, [Kami] desires to begin it.17


  1. OC 17:25: Until now, I have listened to and overlooked all kinds of matters. Yet at this time, I, Oyagami, shall reveal My free and unlimited workings, clearing away the frustration that has piled high.
  2. OC 17:26: All of you: fully take care as there is no knowing where or when I shall do this clearing away and take leave from the body.
  3. OC 17:28: From now on, I shall give returns for the frustration that has piled and accumulated until now. All of you, be fully aware of this matter.
  4. OC 17:29: I do not point and specify who in this world this is about. I, Oyagami, thoroughly see and know the use of mind of each person in the entire human race.
  5. OC 17:31: From this point on, no matter what I may do, I shall give you a warning beforehand.
  6. OC 17:32: From now on, once My frustration that has piled and accumulated has appears, there is no knowing what kind of changes may take place.
  7. OC 17:33: Now today has come, the time has come where I must reveal all kinds of matters. From now on, I will clear away the matters I find deplorable one after another, so it is best that you all watch attentively.
  8. OC 17:34, 35: Until now, there was no one who knew about this Jiba of Origin that is related to the creation of the world and human beings. I exert My mind in various ways since I wish to thoroughly inform this truth of human creation to people throughout the world at this time.
  9. OC 17:36: I had the building of the Kanrodai started for this reason. Truly, Jiba is the place of the creation of the world and human beings.
  10. OC 17:37: The building of the Kanrodai was begun from My single-hearted desire for salvation; to save all My children in the entire world by clearly revealing the truth of how I, Oyagami, created this world. 
  11. OC 17:38: My frustration at how the Kanrodai—that began to be built out of My profound intention for single-hearted salvation—was taken away by My children who knew nothing of this significance is not an ordinary matter.

    *Note: In May 1881, Oyasama had the stonemason Shichijiro begin making a Kanrodai according to the specified shape and dimensions. Although two sections were completed in September, on May 12, 1882, the police confiscated them. This verse is a response to this historical event.

  12. OC 17:39: Listen attentively! There is no knowing what kind of returns there will be after this if you indulge in behavior that ignores My parental desire for single-hearted salvation.
  13. OC 17:42: What are all of you thinking as you listen to this talk? My frustration and impatience exceeds all bounds.
  14. OC 17:45, 46: The time has fully arrived at this day today. Once the time to reveal My workings has arrived, I shall immediately reveal an appropriate return.

    *Note: Kokugen means ordained time. It refers to the time when Oyagami’s workings are revealed.

  15. OC 17:51, 52: If you are to ask for what reason the cleansing of people’s hearts is to be done, it is because I wish to save all My children. This single-hearted salvation is not just the salvation of physical anxieties; My thoughts are about wanting to provide extraordinary salvation.
  16. OC 17:53 What do you think this marvelous salvation is about? My thoughts are about bringing to reality the miraculous salvation so there is no illness, (premature) death, or weakening due to aging.

    *Note: Refer to notes to Ofudesaki 3:99, 100; Ofudesaki 4:37; and 8:78, 79.

  17. OC 17:54, 55: This wondrous salvation is something that has never existed anywhere until now. I am exerting My mind gradually since I wish to show proof of bringing this extraordinary salvation into reality. Truly, this salvation is something that has never existed anywhere before. Yet I am gradually laboring over on how to begin this at this time because of My parental love for My children.