Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 56–75

Returns for [Cosmic Space-Time]’s regret over the removal of the Kanrodai; sweeping away the dust of the mind

(56) Until today, you did not know what path you were on. Hereafter, I shall let you know the path.

(57) What do you think this path is about? The regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] is the single concern.

(58) What do you think My regret is about? The matter of the Kanrodai is My greatest regret.

(59) This regret of Mine is no small matter. There is no knowing what returns [Cosmic Space-Time] will give.1

(60) Whatever may happen, bear no grudge. It is what each of you has done to yourself.2

(61) Hereafter, unto all places in the world however far, in the high mountains as well as in the low valleys,

(62) Know that I shall sweep the heart of each of you step by step.3

(63) What do you think of this sweeping, all of you? No one knows the mind of [Kami].4

(64) Whatever regrets [Cosmic Space-Time] has borne, they were overlooked quietly until now.

(65) Now the day is fully pressing. In any case, I cannot help but give returns.

(66) What do you think the returns are about? They are solely about the regret of [Kami].

(67) Do not think this regret is a small matter. It is a result of causes accumulated and piled up.

(68) To [Cosmic Space-Time], all of you in the world are My children. Though My thoughts for you are filled with love,

(69) No one is aware of it, and the ponderings of each of you are only of dust.

(70) Please think of the regret of [Kami] over such minds. Indeed, nothing more can be said, even should I so desire.5

(71) I shall not repeat what I have said until now. From now on, you need only to be spiritually awakened.

(72) Hereafter, there is no knowing what I shall say. I request that you ponder thoroughly.6

(73) Sato, Sato, Ta-oto, Ta-oto, Byosama, Byosama…

(74) If this talk coincides sign for sign, know that everything proceeds in this way.

(75) I earnestly request each and everyone of you to ponder deeply over these teachings.7


  1. OC 17:58, 59: It is the foremost source of My deepest regret that the Kanrodai—which began to be built for the sake of single:-hearted salvation—was taken away. Since My frustration is not an ordinary matter, there is no knowing what I shall give as a return.
  2. OC 17:60: Never harbor a grudge, despite what may happen. It is what grew from a seed that you each sowed yourself.
  3. OC 17:61, 62: All of you, be firmly aware that from now on I will cleanse the hearts of people from all corners of the world one after another, without discrimination of high and low.
  4. OC 17:63: Why do you think I cleanse the hearts of the entire world? No one knows what is in My thoughts.
  5. OC 17:69, 70: Unaware of My sincere parental love, human beings are pondering solely with your shallow, selfish, and dust-filled thoughts. I but only pity you to the point where I almost have nothing to say.
  6. OC 17:71, 72: From now on, it will solely be a path of insight. I will no longer tell and instruct you in each matter as I have done until now. There is no knowing what I may say after this, but I wish for you to firmly ponder this in your mind.
  7. OC 17:73–75 *Note:Sato, Sato” (home village) refers to the Maegawa household where Oyasama was born. “Ta-oto, Ta-oto” refers to Shuji’s illegitimate son Otojiro who married into the branch family of the Murata household in Ta Village. “Byo-sama, Byo-sama” refers to the Kohigashi household in Byodoji Village where Shuji’s wife Matsue was born.

    The three aforementioned households could not have been described as being particularly devoted to the path at that time. These verses go on to warn that despite being related with Oyasama, if these three households are late in embarking on the path of single-hearted devotion to Kami, they will no longer be able to receive Kami’s full protection. These verses go on to encourage us to fully ponder when the noted signs appear and the principle of wrongdoing comes into motion, as all things will occur in accordance with what has been said before.

    The last verse then encourages us to fully ponder on this matter; not to turn our backs against Kami’s intention, not be late in implementing what Kami hastens us to do; and advance spiritedly on the path of single-hearted salvation as we firmly condition the Teaching of single-hearted devotion to Kami in our minds.