Ofudesaki Part 15, verses 57–71

Nurturing useful timber in the low valleys and hastening the Service

(57) Until now, the high mountains, boastful, have noisily done as they pleased.

(58) From now on, however high the mountains may be, they will never be able to do as they please to the low valleys.1

(59) I see many useful timbers ahead, appearing in the low valleys step by step.2

(60) Step by step, the Parent, who began this world, will enter all of these useful timbers.3

(61) When the Parent, who began this world, enters them, there is no knowing what I shall do.4

(62) Whatever I do, do not worry. Any and everything is assured by the Parent.5

(63) Quickly settle this matter firmly in your mind and hasten to begin.6

Guidance by means of bodily disorders; the way to set the mind and the way to purify the heart

(64) Until today, there has been no one who has known what kind of a path this is.7

(65) Now at last, I shall fully reveal the mind’s core step by step. Take notice!8

(66) Those who are acceptable in the eyes of the Parent will grow only more spirited step by step and day by day.9

(67) Those who are regrettable in the eyes of the Parent may be gone in a moment as in a dream.

(68) By this talk, I do not indicate any particular place. All people in the world are My own children.

(69) All children in the world are equally dear to Me. Though there is no discrimination whatsoever,10

(70) Listen! There will be no help if your mind is in error. That is why I am giving you My care step by step.11

(71) On this matter, you on the high mountains as well as in the low valleys, set your mind so as not to be unaware.12


  1. OC 15:57, 58: Until now, those who are in high positions noisily complained and interfered as they wished by stopping the Salvation Service. Yet from now on, no matter how high their position may be, they will not be able to treat those below them as they wish.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—kenken (“noisily”) means to noisily complain or to scold.

  2. OC 15:59: I can see very well with these eyes of Mine that in the future, many admirable Yoboku will mature and appear among those who are now in low positions.
  3. OC 15:60: I, the original Kami and Parent who created this world, shall gradually enter and instruct those who will become the Yoboku of the path.
  4. OC 15:61: Once I, the Kami and Parent who began this world, enters these Yoboku, there is no knowing what kind of things I may do.
  5. OC 15:62: No matter what I may do, do not be concerned. I, Oyagami, have taken charge of all matters, from this to that.
  6. OC 15:63: Quickly awaken to this matter, resolve your mind with certainty, and swiftly set about on this path of single-hearted salvation.
  7. OC 15:64: Until today, there was no one who knew what kind of path this path was.
  8. OC 15:65: From today, be aware that I shall gradually reveal the sincerity in My mind, the mind of Oyagami.
  9. OC 15:66: Those whose use of mind is in accordance with Mine will solely become spirited in mind gradually day after day. 
  10. OC 15:69: Since I solely have nothing but love for all My children in My parental heart, I do not distinguish or discriminate among you even in the slightest.
  11. OC 15:70: Listen attentively! No matter how much I, Oyagami, may think about you, I cannot correct those of whose minds are mistaken. This is why I guide you toward spiritual maturity gradually through providing My tending.
  12. OC 15:71: My tending is the same matter to both the high mountains and the low valleys. Thus, all of you: be sure to firmly resolve your minds so you are not caught off guard.