Ofudesaki Part 15, verses 22–56

The lameness of Shuji’s leg and the hastening of the Service

(22) From today on, whatever talks I shall begin and whatever I shall say, please comply.

(23) There is no knowing what I shall say step by step. I shall carry out My intentions on whatever things.1

(24) From forty-three years ago until now, I have caused your leg torment. This is My worry.2

(25) This time, by all means, I shall restore it just as it was before.3

(26) In this talk, whatever [Cosmic Space-Time] may say concerning any matter, do not oppose it.4

(27) From now on, the Parent will request just one matter of you. I shall speak of nothing else.

(28) What do you think this request is? It is solely about the Service.5

(29) This Service is the beginning of this world. If only this is realized…6

(30) Now today, you close to Me, let your minds not be opposed to the Parent’s words on any matter.7

(31) If the minds of you close to Me are in error, there will be no help. That is why I speak so repeatedly.8

(32) Today, though there is yet no one in the world who knows any and everything,

(33) It is clearly seen in the eyes of the Parent. Perhaps no one is yet aware of what it might be.9

(34) It is solely about things unknown from the time I began this world until now.10

(35) I desire to teach them to you. That is why I am doing all that I do step by step.11

(36) After telling you any and everything about all matters, the Parent will work.12

(37) You might not know what this working is. The whole universe is the body of the Parent.13

(38) I desire that you know the regret of the Parent up to now. So at this time, I shall reveal all of it.

(39) There is no knowing what I am going to do. Take notice, each and everyone of you.14

(40) What are all of you thinking of this talk about My regret and appeals at this time?

(41) The origin of it is forty-three years ago. It is then that I began a great test.15

(42) If only this matter is clearly understood, there will be nothing that cannot be realized.16

(43) As I desire to save all people of the whole world, this test is of great importance.17

(44) Until today, while going through every kind of path, I have been keeping still.18

(45) Now at last, I shall stop at nothing in beginning to reveal the truth.  Be aware of it, all of you.19

(46) The path will change entirely from what it has been until now. All of you, settle your minds.20

(47) This path does not discriminate between those within and the others. It is to sweep the heart of everyone in the world.21

(48) From the time I began this world until today, I have not yet told the real truth.22

(49) Today, I shall begin to tell you the real truth. Please understand it clearly.23

(50) This talk is solely about the great test from forty-three years ago.24

(51) What do you think this test is about? It is solely about the preparations to hasten the Service.25

(52) What do you think about this Service? Prepare for the performers including the musical instruments.26

(53) Ponder over this Service, whoever you are. If you dare stop it, your life will be stopped.27

(54) It is the same as the way I began this world. I began human beings that never existed.28

(55) If only this is begun, I shall assure you any salvation [whatsoever].29

(56) You must clearly understand this matter. If it is stopped, I shall withdraw at once.30


  1. OC 15:23: There is no knowing what kinds of things I may gradually say. All matters come from My grand intention for single-hearted salvation.
  2. OC 15:24 *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 1:26 and 12:118–120.

    Also, part 15 mainly contains instructions based on Shuji’s situation.

  3. OC 15:25: At this time, I shall heal your leg disorder and return the body to its original state.
  4. OC 15:26: Despite what I, Oyagami, say regarding this matter, I wish to have you not turn your back on anything but assuredly implement it.
  5. OC 15:28: What do you think My request is? It is solely about the matter of the Service.

    *Note:Tsutome ichijo” (“solely about the Service”)—here, the matter that Oyagami is hastening is the Kagura Service.

  6. OC 15:29: This Kagura Service is a service that reveals the divine providence of the creation of humankind and heaven and earth. If you would only conduct this Service, I shall reveal free and unlimited protection.
  7. OC 15:30: Now today, be sure to sincerely accept and not turn your backs on everything that I, Oyagami, speak of, no matter what they be about.
  8. OC 15:31: If the minds of you close to Me are mistaken, the troubles I, Oyagami, have taken will be in vain. I teach and instruct you repeatedly because of this.
  9. OC 15:33: Although I, Oyagami, see it with certainty with My eyes, no one knows what kind of matter it is.
  10. OC 15:34: The matters which I am thinking of teaching you from now on are solely about matters that no one has known until now since this world was created.
  11. OC 15:35: I do all sorts of things out of My desire to teach the Joyous Service, which is the marvelous path of universal forms of salvation that no one has known until now.
  12. OC 15:36: I, Oyagami, shall give you notice beforehand in all matters before I reveal My work.
  13. OC 15:37: While I say “work,” there is no knowing what kind of work I will do. Since the entire world is My body, the body of Oyagami, firmly contemplate matters with this in mind. Everything that occurs in the entire universe is a manifestation of My work.
  14. OC 15:39: In order to clear away the frustration that has piled and accumulated, there is no knowing what kinds of things I may do. So it will do for all of you to be fully aware of this.
  15. OC 15:41 *Note: Refer to note to Ofudesaki 15:24.
  16. OC 15:42: If you would only awaken to this test, I shall protect you freely and unlimitedly in any matter.
  17. OC  15:43: Since I wish to save all human beings throughout the world, this test is by no means an ordinary matter.
  18. OC 15:44: Until today, there were all sorts of paths. I have withheld and withheld, passing through them all with utmost patience and endurance.
  19. OC 15:45: Now today, all of you, be aware that I shall begin to have all matters from this to that to follow My intention, the intention of Oyagami.
  20. OC 15:46: From now on, the state of affairs on the path will completely change from what it was until now. All of you: make sure that you do not have your minds thrown into confusion, no matter what kind of sudden change may occur.
  21. OC 15:47: This path is a path to cleanse the minds of people throughout the world, regardless whether you are someone within or belong to the world at large.
  22. OC 15:48: I, Oyagami, have not told you the real truth about Myself, from the time this world was created until today.
  23. OC 15:49: At this day today, the minds of people have matured and the time has arrived. I, Oyagami, shall tell you of My sincere parental heart. I wish for you listen attentively somehow and settle your minds.
  24. OC 15:50: If you ask what this talk is about, I began a great test 43 years ago. This talk is about this test.
  25. OC 15:51: For what purpose do you think I began this test? I began it to hurry the preparations solely for the Service.

    *Note: The “test” refers to Shuji’s leg ailment. It was a test to hurry the Service.

  26. OC 15:52: If you ask how this Service is to be conducted, it is to be conducted by adding the musical instruments and assembling the Service performers. Thus, unite your efforts and quickly make preparations for it!

    *Note: “Musical instruments” (narimono): The musical instruments were assembled in 1880 when this verse was written. The “musical instruments” are the nine following instruments: fue or flute; hyoshigi or wooden clappers; chanpon or cymbals; taiko or large drum; surigane or gong; kotsuzumi or small (hand) drum; koto (zither); shamisen (long-necked fretless lute); and kokyu (bowed lute).

  27. OC 15:53: You must fully contemplate over how weighty the truth of this Service is. It is such that if anyone stopping this Service will have their source of breath stop.
  28. OC 15:54: As it symbolized through this Service, I created human beings and the world from nothing with My ten aspects assembled. I shall, in the same manner, begin the path of single-hearted salvation through this Service at this time.
  29. OC 15:55: If only this Joyous Service is begun, I shall take charge of all kinds of salvation.
  30. OC 15:56: Be sure to listen attentively to this talk that is solely about the Service and implement it swiftly. If there is anyone who will stop this, I, Oyagami shall immediately take leave.