Ofudesaki unnumbered set

Ofudesaki unnumbered set (Jpn: Ofudesaki gogai おふでさき号外) refer to verses Oyasama wrote in exterior volumes of the Ofudesaki She gave to devoted followers that are not found in the original manuscript preserved at Her Residence.

According to the Tenrikyo jiten, there are 14 unnumbered set verses that do not appear in the original manuscript.1

“Seeds of your sincere devotion”

The seeds of your sincere devotion sown day after day, I have certainly accepted.

The seed which [Kami] truly accepts will never decay through all eternity.

When these seeds sprout in the course of time, it will be the talk of all ages to come.2

Ofudesaki unnumbered set, Nagao family copy

Though a shelter was built to block the wind, it is not secure. Quickly make arrangements it so it will be tight and secure.

Ponder the place where you will live for eternity. Resolve your mind and quickly settle.

Once you have settled, you will no longer be wanting for clothing or food, and the child will be quickly returned to you.

Once the child is returned to you this time, he will become the master carpenter of the nation.


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