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Ofudesaki unnumbered set

Ofudesaki unnumbered set (Jpn: Ofudesaki gogai おふでさき号外) refer to verses Oyasama wrote in exterior volumes of the Ofudesaki She gave to devoted followers that are not found in the original manuscript preserved at Her Residence.

According to the Tenrikyo jiten, there are 14 unnumbered set verses that do not appear in the original manuscript.1 Continue reading Ofudesaki unnumbered set

  1. A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms, p. 93.

Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 22

22. Writing the Ofudesaki

Concerning the Ofudesaki, Oyasama said:

“You know there is the Fudesaki. What do you think of it? The seventeen parts of the Fudesaki were not completed in a short while. God spoke into my ears, saying, ‘Do not look at any writings, even the charge book from a bean curd shop.’ I wondered why. Then God said, ‘Brush, brush, take up the brush.’ I took the brush up for the first time at New Year’s when I became seventy-two years old. And when I took the brush up, My hand moved by itself. From heaven, God did it. After what was to be done was finished, My hand became numb and it could not be moved. God said, ‘Calm Your mind, and read this. If You find something You cannot understand, ask Me.’ I added brush strokes when I found something I could not understand. That is the Fudesaki.”

These were the words Oyasama told to Shirobei Umetani in Her later years.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 16

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The Life of the Honseki Izo Iburi, Part Five

Joys and Sorrows Along the Path

For nearly 20 years, Izo made daily visits to Jiba and was directly instructed in the Tenrikyo teachings by Oyasama. If Izo was even a little late to show up at the usual time, Oyasama would ask Shuji or Kokan,

Do you see Izo-san coming yet?1

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