Ofudesaki Part 3, verses 120–149

High mountains and low valleys (equally the children of [Oyagami])

(120) You are thinking that the present path is at the mercy of the high places, but you are mistaken. It will be as [Kami] pleases.1

(121) Those in high places are doing as they please with all the world. Do you not know the regret of [Kami]?

(122) Until now, everything in the world has gone according to those in high places. From now on, there will be changes.2

(123) Since the time I began this world, I have not yet taught you everything.

(124) Those in high places are thinking of the whole world on their own terms but their minds are wrong.3

(125) The trees which grow in the high mountains and the trees which grow in the low valleys are the same.4

(126) All human bodies are things lent by [Kami]. Do you not know the free and unlimited workings of [Kami]?5

(127) Let all of you in the world take care. There is no knowing when or where [Kami] will go.6

Preparations for gathering useful timber

(128) Just a word: the hastening in the mind of [Kami] is solely to prepare to assemble useful timber.

(129) Though there are many and varied trees, perhaps no one knows which will become useful timber.7

(130) Of these timbers, it is not to be just a few. I desire a great number of timbers.8

(131) Day by day, I shall tend those trees which are to become My useful timber. Never take it to be illness.9

(132) Among the trees, there will be some that I shall tend step by step and others that I shall let fall as they are.10

(133) This test for proof of all of My free and unlimited workings, I shall never do at any other place.11

(134) Until now, I have often taught you, saying that it is to be a test. Now at this time, I shall end the test.

Illness and guidance

(135) This universe is the body of [Kami]. Ponder this in all matters.12

(136) At this time, as [Kami] is openly revealed, I shall teach you any and all things.

(137) So long as you remain unknowing that the body is a thing borrowed, you can understand nothing at all.13

(138) Ponder over it! There is nothing at all which should be called illness. It is but a road sign or an admonition from [Kami].14

(139) A slight ailment of the eyes, swellings, dizziness, and pain are but the guidance of [Kami].

Settling matters by sweeping the dust away (the high mountains and useful timber, the blessing of the growth of crops, the root of rebellion)

(140) Until now, among the high mountains no useful timber has yet appeared.

(141) Hereafter, I shall make preparations to find useful timber step by step even in the high mountains.15

(142) This preparation is for saving all humankind quickly. I shall make the minds of both the high and the low be spirited.16

(143) If the minds of the world are spirited day after day, the growth of all crops will be spirited, too.17

(144) Since My intent is single-hearted salvation in all matters, I desire to cut off the root of rebellion quickly.18

(145) The present path is covered with dust. Take up a broom and do the sweeping.19

(146) The path thereafter will be broad and clear. Take along with you as many others as you wish.20

(147) I shall begin to speak at five on the twenty-second of the second month and teach you the causality of everything.21

(148) After listening to the sermons of those on the high mountains, listen to the teachings of [the true Kami] and ponder.22

(149) Day after day, listen to the teachings of [Kami] step by step and enjoy them. It is the Divine Record.23


  1. OC 3:120: The people in high positions think that they can freely repress this path. But because this is the path of single-hearted salvation, it will not be at the mercy of human beings. It will go according to what I, Oyagami, intend.
  2. OC 3:121, 122: The people in high positions are behaving as they please, thinking that all things in the world can be accomplished through human strength. This is because they do not know My true intention. This is an extremely regretful situation in My eyes, for I made the world and human beings from where these did not exist. As long as I am revealed, I shall have people realize My true intention from now on and make it so that they cannot behave in a selfish manner that comes about from their human minds.
  3. OC 3:124: Among those in high positions, some think that everything in the world can be done as they please, but they are mistaken.
  4. OC 3:125: The people of the upper classes and lower classes may live differently, but there is no difference in that everyone is a child of Mine, a child of Oyagami.
  5. OC 3:126: The human body is not something that was made possible by human beings. It was made possible because of Me, Oyagami, who created the world and it is something that I lend to human beings. The fact that human beings can live and survive is because of My free and unlimited blessings. Do you not know this?
  6. OC 3:127: All of you, reflect upon your bodies and fully exercise caution and realize that it is something you are borrowing from Me, Oyagami. There is no knowing when My protection will be stopped by a wrong usage of your mind.
  7. OC 3:129: While there are many kinds of standing trees, no one knows which among them is to become My useful timber.
  8. OC 3:130: To have only a few of these useful timbers will not be enough, for I will require many.
  9. OC 3:131: Because I will continuously give My attention to those who are to become My useful timber, even when there is a disorder somewhere on the body, ponder it without thinking that it is an illness.
  10. OC 3:132: Even among human beings who happen to be the same, there will be those who will prove to be useful after receiving My gradual attention and those who will remain unused. This depends on the character of the mind displayed by each person.
  11. OC 3:133: This test in which I will provide any free and unlimited protection available, is possible because of Jiba, the original place of creation. I shall never do so at any other place.
  12. OC 3:135 *Note: Refer to verses 3:40, 41.
  13. OC 3:137: If people do not know that they borrow their bodies from Me, Oyagami, there is no way for them to understand anything more.
  14. OC 3:138 *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki verses 2:22, 23.
  15. OC 3:140, 141: Until now, though I have spoken about the upper classes, none of them came to serve the path. From now on, I shall make preparations to find people even from the upper classes who will become My useful timber.
  16. OC 3:142: Among the preparations that I will take to quickly save everyone in the world, I shall make the minds of both those in high positions and those who are below spirited.
  17. OC 3:143: If the people of the world become joyously spirited, My mind shall become spirited, and all crops will thrive.

    *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki verses 1:12, 1:13, and 1:14.

  18. OC 3:144: Because this path entirely consists of teachings of single-hearted salvation, I wish to quickly cut the root of the wrongful minds of those who defy My workings (ri).
  19. OC 3:145: Since the path at present is covered with dust in My eyes, take a broom and start sweeping.
  20. OC 3:146: After the path has been swept, it will be wide and clean, allowing many people to walk it with ease. Bring as many people along it as you can.
  21. OC 3:147 *Note: This verse was written 8:00 p.m. (the hour of the fifth sign, night) on lunar 2/22 of 1874. During this time Chusaku Tsuji served at the Residence at night with Oyasama’s permission after finishing his work during the day. On this day, he thought to go to the Residence at little early to worship since he had a toothache. As he was about to leave, his toothache completely disappeared. He felt very grateful and immediately went to Oyasama to tell Her this, She handed him this verse, saying: “Kami just wrote this right now. Take a good look at it,” and went on to patiently explain to him the teachings of Oyagami. 
  22. OC 3:148: Listen to the sermons of Shinto and Buddhist priests, listen to the talks of this path and compare them. Fully ponder which is conveying My heart, the heart of the true Kami and Parent!
  23. OC 3:149: Rejoice upon listening to My talks day after day. These are the talks that will never change far into the future, the teachings that must be forever conveyed to the world.