Ofudesaki Part 3, verses 20–39

Purify the mind and have faith in Oyasama

(20) There is nothing that I cannot teach, but there is no one who listens with a purified mind.

(21) If you quickly purify your mind and listen, I shall give you all of My teachings on everything.

(22) I have put them to a test of certainty in this world. Be convinced that there is no error.

(23) If this test is quickly seen, you will understand that My words are always true.1

(24) I shall teach you on any and every matter. Never take it to be false, whatever I may say.2

(25) It may be difficult to understand the sayings and workings of [Kami], whom you cannot see.3

(26) But My teachings can be seen quickly. This will be the proof that cannot be denied.4

(27) When you see this, be pleased with whatever you hear. All of My teachings proceed in this way.5

How to purify the mind (how to ponder, how to be awakened)

(28) If you have borrowed something from another, you will need to pay interest. Return it quickly with a word of thanks.

(29) You are mistaking your child’s crying at night. It is not a child’s cry; it is [Kami]’s persuasion.

(30) As [Kami] desires to inform you quickly, you must understand whatever occurs.

(31) Lest there be any error in the minds of you parents, you had better ponder quickly.

(32) If you are truly of a mind to save others, there is no need for the persuasion of [Kami].

(33) The thought that all is well if the present is well for the self alone, is entirely mistaken.

(34) However broad a path you may have set out on, you do not see the narrow path that is in your future.6

(35) As you human beings are shallow, you can never see where your paths will lead in the future.7

(36) Do not complain about your present situation. A broad path will appear ahead of you.

(37) Do not grieve over whatever path you are now on. Take delight in the main path that lies ahead.8

(38) If you are truly of a mind to save others single-heartedly, I shall firmly accept you, even if you say nothing.9

(39) Words of flattery are unwanted. If there is sincerity in the core of your mind…


  1. OC 3:23: If this test quickly is brought into reality, you will know that there is no mistake in any of My talks.
  2. OC 3:24: Although I will teach you things that have not been part of human knowledge and that are beyond the human imagination, you must not think that there is any mistake in what I say.
  3. 3:25 Because these are things that, I, Oyagami, who cannot be observed by the human eye, will say and do, it may prove rather difficult to gain insight of it and you have not even the slightest idea of what I may do from now on.
  4. OC 3:26: The things that I have taught will promptly become revealed, and this will be the proof that there is no mistake in anything that I say.
  5. OC 3:27: See this proof that becomes revealed and look forward to the future, for everything that I say will all come about in this way.
  6. OC 3:34: Those who wish to take the easy path from the very beginning wish so because they are not aware of the path of hardship that lies beyond this easy path.
  7. OC 3:35: Because human beings have shallow minds, you do not have even the slightest idea of what kind of path you must go through in the future.
  8. OC 3:36, 37: Because I am not just pointing to things about the present, no matter how hard things are, you must not complain about the path you are now embarking on. A broad path is bound to appear in the future, so look forward to it and go through your present situation with joy.
  9. OC 3:38: Even if you do not say in words, if you have the mind that wishes to save others by any means, I shall surely accept that mind and bless you accordingly.