Ofudesaki Part 3, verses 40–59

A thing lent, a thing borrowed, and single-hearted salvation

(40) This universe is the body of [Kami]. Ponder this in all matters.

(41) All human bodies are things lent by [Kami]. With what thought are you using them?1

(42) This year, I shall begin marvelous things. I shall do things you have never known before.2

(43) Until now, you have understood everything in an ordinary way. From now on, you will understand from your innermost heart.3

(44) This time, I begin the single-hearted salvation after having tested it on Myself.4

(45) This salvation is not brought about by formulas of worship, or by exorcism, or by calling on oracles.5

(46) At this place, I shall teach everything. Be single-hearted with [Kami], and from your innermost heart…

(47) Ponder from your innermost heart to understand. Through saving others, you will be saved.6

Hastening the gathering of the Service performers and sweeping the heart for this purpose (the high mountains, useful timber, the central pillar, [Kami] and the high places, Nihon and Kara)

(48) The high mountains are doing as they please with the whole world, but they cannot see the future.7

(49) Step by step, I have gathered many trees, but there is none yet that is useful timber.8

(50) Though I have gathered many and varied trees, those bent or crooked are of no use.9

(51) Sweeping the innermost heart of everyone in the world, [Kami] is hastening to show the central pillar.10

(52) Throughout the world, [Kami] is the broom for sweeping of the innermost heart. Watch carefully.11

(53) From now on, [Kami] will go forth and attend to the sweeping in the mountains.12

(54) When [Kami] accomplishes the sweeping of all humankind, you will be spirited and full of joy.13

(55) As it is [Kami] who undertakes all matters, everything will be accomplished freely and unlimitedly.

(56) At this time, after purifying the water, I desire to take in the Shinbashira, who is to settle matters within.14

(57) The central pillar of the high mountains is that of Kara. This is the prime cause of the anger of [Kami].15

(58) Those in high places are doing what they please with the world. What thought is given to [Kami]’s regret?16

(59) Until now, you have seen nothing I have told you. Now at last, the time has come.17


  1. OC 3:40, 41 *Note: Everything in this world was created by Oyagami and the entire universe is the body of Oyagami. There is nothing that was created by human strength alone. Humans are alive because they are lent something that was created by Oyagami and protected in this world—the bosom of Oyagami which is formed by the embrace of heaven and earth.
  2. OC 3:42 *Note: In the 5th lunar month of 1874, Oyasama went to Sanmaiden to receive the masks for the Kagura Service. Also, in the 10th lunar month of the same year, Oyasama sent Gisaburo Nakata and Ichibei Matsuo to Oyamato Shrine out of the wish to convey these teachings to the people of the high mountains. As a result, Oyasama received a summons to be warned by priests and government officials on lunar 10/15 at Yamamura Palace. This was the beginning of oppression and interference but this was a course of action as desired by Oyagami as a way to spread the path. Also, this was also the year in which Oyasama began to wear red clothes. (Refer to note for 5:56, 57)
  3. OC 3:43: You did not understand the mind behind any such actions until now, but from now on, you will come to understand it clearly because I shall fully explain it to you.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—sekai-nami (“ordinary way”) refers to an understanding similar to that of the general populace who have yet to hear of Oyagami’s teachings.

  4. OC 3:44: I am advancing on and devoting Myself to the path of single-hearted salvation upon having undergone several tests and experienced My miraculous workings Myself.

    *Note: This is about Oyasama how embarked on the path of single-hearted salvation by basing Her efforts to save others on Her own experiences. For instance, before offering the Grant of Safe Childbirth, She underwent a test on Her own body. Also, when She went to the home of Ichibei Matsuo in Higashiwakai Village to engage in salvation work, She endured a fast over a period of 30 days in which She was not able to eat even when She wanted to.

  5. OC 3:45: Although I talk about saving people, it will not be done through simply making prostrations, or petitions, or by consulting oracles.
  6. OC 3:46, 47: At the Jiba, you shall be told in detail about Oyagami’s providence from the time when human beings were first created due to the (your?) principle of single-heartedness with Kami. If you then completely purify your mind and work to save others, it will do to fully ponder in your mind the intention that lies within My heart. By the truth of saving others, you yourself will be saved.
  7. OC 3:48: In every society which exists, the people of the upper classes selfishly act in a way that benefits only themselves. However, they do not know what the future holds.
  8. OC 3:49 *Note: “Useful timber,” i.e., Yoboku, refer to people who serve Oyagami.
  9. OC 3:50: Although I have assembled many trees of all types, those that are bent or crooked will not make the cut.

    *Note: The phrase “bent or crooked” is a metaphor for a person whose mind is or twisted or unreceptive.

  10. OC 3:51: If all the people of the world replace their minds with pure and cleansed minds, the world will become the joyous place which I desire and the Kanrodai at Jiba shall be built. I, Oyagami, am hastening because I wish for you to see this as soon as possible.
  11. OC 3:52: For this to happen, the people of the world must cleanse their hearts. I, Oyagami, will become the broom to do the cleaning. Thus, take firm caution and watch for the truth that becomes revealed to you.
  12. OC 3:53: From now, I will reveal Myself out into the open and will even cleanse the hearts of the people of the upper classes.
  13. OC 3:54: I will cleanse the entire world, and if people are able to replace their minds, the world will become peaceful and enjoyable; the minds of everyone will become spirited, allowing them to live joyously.
  14. OC 3:56: At this time, once the minds of people are purified, I wish to quickly put the Shinbashira in place as the heir of the Nakayama household and the core of the path.

    *Note: “The Shinbashira, who is to settle matters within”—when this verse was written in 1874, Shinnosuke was nine years old. Oyasama called him “the Shinbashira Shinnosuke” from before he was born, would later become heir of the Nakayama household, and was chosen as the leader of the path. Shinnosuke came to Jiba from an early age, but this verse is hastening for him to live permanently at Jiba as soon as possible. In Tenrikyo, the person who is the central leader of the path is called the Shinbashira. (Refer to note for 3:8)

  15. OC 3:57: The central thoughts of those of the ruling classes who are responsible for leading the populace have yet to gain insight into My true intention and are swept away by human thinking. This, more than anything else is the source of My frustration.

    *Note: This refers to the attitude of the authorities of the time that did not even attempt to understand religious faith. “High mountains” (takayama) refer to the upper classes, the people who have the responsibility to lead. “Those of kara” (tojin) refer to people who do not yet understand the intention of Oyagami. (Refer to note for 2:47)

  16. OC 3:58: Among those who are in a position to rule over others, there are those who are acting selfishly, believing that all things in the world can be swayed with human power. This is because they do not know of My profound intention, the intention of Oyagami who created this world, and I am greatly disappointed at this.
  17. OC 3:59: Although I have told you about various things until now, you have not actually seen anything yet. At this juncture, the time for everyone to fully understand it all has arrived.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression— sētsū (“time”).