Ofudesaki Part 3, verses 92–119

Illness and dust; the natural term of life

(92) In this world, people are living merrily, but there is no one who knows the origin.1

(93) If this origin is known in detail, there should be no cause for illness.

(94) These children, living their lives knowing nothing, pitiful are they in the eyes of [Kami].2

(95) There is nothing at all which should be called illness. It is only because there are paths of the mistaken mind.

(96) These paths are miserliness, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance. They are the dusts.3

(97) All human beings in this world are the children of [Kami]. Listen and understand well the words of [Kami]!

(98) If only the dusts are cleanly swept away, then I shall work marvelous salvation.

(99) By this salvation given in accordance with the mind of sincerity, you shall be freed from illness, death, and weakening.4

(100) By this salvation, to fix the natural term of life at one hundred and fifteen years is the single desire of [Kami].5

Sweeping the dust from those close by, the Kanrodai

(101) Day after day, the mind of [Kami] hastens. You who are close to Me, what are you thinking of it?

(102) For fear of those in high places, you are depressed. Fear not, for [Kami] is hastening.6

(103) The tightness in your in your chest: do not take it an illness. It is the hastening of [Kami] being blocked.7

(104) Working miracles one after another, the mind of [Kami] hastens for your salvation.

(105) What do you think these miracles are? Sweeping the dust away, I shall complete the cleansing.

(106) Thereafter, the pillar will be quickly put in. When it is done, the world will settle.8

(107) If you quickly see the truth of this talk, become convinced, everyone, whoever you may be.

(108) I have told you before about the test of proof, but you do not even understand what the Kanrodai is about.9

(109) Having received this one four years ago, [Kami] is holding her in a tight embrace. This is the proof.10

(110) Truly, the preparation to return her quickly is the first matter in the hastening of [Kami].11

(111) Until now, I have often told you about My free and unlimited workings, but you have seen nothing yet.

(112) From now on, I shall teach you everything beforehand. When seen, you will understand that I work freely and unlimitedly.12

(113) Please do not speak about things in the past. I shall begin on the twenty-sixth day.13

(114) From now on, I shall make the minds of the world spirited and prepare to settle Nihon.14

(115) The minds of human beings are indeed shallow. You talk only about things already visible.15

(116) From now on, I shall talk only about things that have not appeared. Watch the future closely.

(117) I shall begin to tell you about whatever things step by step, but never about things already visible.

(118) To set up quickly the central pillar of [Kami], who began this world, is [Kami]’s single desire.16

(119) Listen and ponder step by step over the words and works of [Kami], who is invisible to your eyes.


  1. OC 3:92: The people of this world are not paying attention and living boisterously. There is no one who knows about the providence that I, Oyagami, provided at the beginning of the world.
  2. OC 3:93, 94: If you fully understand the truth of origin behind My creation of human beings, no wrong thoughts will occur and there would be no one who is ill. But because people know nothing, they are using their minds in a selfish manner. From My eyes, the eyes of Oyagami, I cannot but feel pity for this.
  3. OC 3:96: Among the uses of the human mind that are dusts include miserliness (oshii), covetousness (hoshii), self-love (kawai), greed (yoku), and arrogance (koman).

    *Note: Human suffering originates from a mind that is filled with dust. On top of the five dusts mentioned in this verse there is also hatred (nikui), grudge-bearing (urami), and anger (haradachi) for a total of eight dusts. They are the fundamental wrongful uses of mind that lead human beings astray in the majority of cases.

  4. OC 3:99: Although I say that I will provide salvation, it is in accordance with the mind of each person who asks for it. If their minds sincerely comply with My intention, they will be able to live until the fixed term of life without becoming ill, dying, or weakening.
  5. OC 3:100: I, Oyagami, wish to fix the human term of life at 115 years.

    *Note: When the Kanrodai is finished, people who partake the kanro (sweet dew) that falls from heaven will be able to live in this world until the fixed term of life and beyond according to their heart’s desire.

  6. OC 3:102 *Note: This verse is prompting followers to have faith in the face of misunderstanding from local authorities and the general public.
  7. OC 3:103: Do not think it to be an illness when your chest feels heavy and you do not feel well. It is a sign of My hastening.
  8. OC 3:106: I wish to establish the core of faith after the cleansing of people’s hearts is accomplished. Once this is done, peace will settle in this world.
  9. OC 3:108: Until now, I have spoken about a test for proof. But because nothing has yet to be seen, everyone does not fully understand My true intention concerning the Kanrodai.

    *Note: “test for proof” (shoko tameshi) refers to the verification of Kami’s words where the Joyous Life of true peace will come to the world once the Kanrodai is built at Jiba as the proof of human creation. (Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 3:14 and 17:9) For an explanation of “Kanrodai,” refer verses 8:78–86; 9:18–20; 9:44–64; 10:21, 22; 10:79; 17:2–10.

  10. OC 3:109: I am holding this one, whose life I received four years ago, in an embrace with the wish to bring her soul back to Jiba, the place of the original causality. This is proof of My free and unlimited workings.
  11. OC 3:110: I am hastening first of all in making preparations for her soul to quickly be reborn at the original Jiba.

    *Note: This refers to Shuji’s daughter Oshu whose life was received by Kami on lunar 3/15 of 1870. Oyagami was hastening to have her to quickly be reborn at the original Jiba and holding her in a firm embrace since she possessed the soul of someone who was to play an important role for the path. FYI: January 1, 1874 corresponds to lunar 11/13 of 1873. (Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 1:60 and 1:61)

  12. OC 3:111, 112: Although I have taught every so often until now that My workings are free and unlimited, these free and unlimited workings have never been seen by the human eye before. From now on, I shall speak of many things. You will realize clearly that My workings are free and unlimited when you see the proof before your very eyes as all that I speak about come true, one by one.
  13. 3:113 *Note: The identification of the Jiba occurred on lunar 5/26 of the following year, 1875.
  14. OC 3:114: I shall prepare from now on to make the minds of the people of the world spirited and have the places where the teachings are to spread settle in harmony.
  15. OC 3:115 *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—azanōte (“shallow”), also meaning “frivolous,” “trivial,” or “superficial.”
  16. OC 3:118: I, Oyagami, am singly hastening to quickly build the Kanrodai as soon as possible, which reveals the truth of the creation of the world and humankind.