Ofudesaki Part 2, verses 25–47

Settling troubles within and without by means of the Service

(a) Purifying the pond in the high mountains

(25) Though it is springwater that fills the pond in the high mountains, yet at its spout, it is mixed with mud.1

(26) When you calm your mind step by step and ponder, it will change into clear water.2

(27) I shall go into the water in the mountains and make it clear, whatever kind of water it may be.3

(28) You who are devoting yourselves day after day, settle the heart. Then a promising future will be yours.4

(29) From now, I shall plunge into the pond in the high mountains and clear it of mud, whatever kind it may be.5

(30) If I only remove the mud from it completely, the remaining water will be clear.6

(b) Kara and Nihon

(31) From now on, I shall talk about Kara and Nihon. You may not understand whatever I tell you.7

(32) Those of Kara have entered Nihon and their willful acts cause the anger of [Kami].8

(33) Step by step, I am preparing to save Nihon. [Kami] will deal with those of Kara as [Kami] wishes.9

(34) Hereafter, I shall make a distinction between Kara and Nihon. When it is done, the world will settle.10

(35) Until now, those in high places have not understood. They thought My teachings to be worldly common.11

(36) From now, [Kami] will enter their bodies and make the distinction clear in their minds.12

(37) Though you turn away those who come day by day, their number will only increase step by step.13

(38) No matter how great a number of people may come, do not worry, for it is in the hands of [Kami].

(39) Marvelous is the Kanrodai of this world’s beginning. It will be the cause of peace in Nihon.14

(40) I can see fire and water in the high mountains. Can you not see this with your own eyes?15

(41) Step by step, I have given you teachings on every matter, for I have seen what is certain.16

(42) Everything has been fully arranged for your happiness. Look forward to it!17

(43) If you indulge in extreme greed, the anger of [Kami] will begin to appear.18

(44) Step by step, from the fifteenth day, you will begin to see it. Good and evil will both appear.19

(45) By this talk, I do not indicate anyone in particular. Become convinced, all of you, when it is seen.20

(46) Among the high mountains, the distinction between those of Nihon and those of Kara is also to be made by the pillar.21

(47) In distinguishing between those of Kara and those of Nihon, I shall use fire and water to make the distinction.22


  1. OC 2:25: The water that springs forth in the ponds deep in the mountains ought not to be cloudy but clear and pure. Yet at its spout this water is mixed with dirt (chiri), making it cloudy and turbid.

    *Note: The phrase “springwater that fills the pond in the high mountains” is a metaphor regarding human beings. Although all humans possess minds that are clear and pure when they are first born, human minds become cloudy after accumulating dust that originate from selfishness.

    Unusual Japanese expression—debana (“spout”) is literally “outset,” “start,” or “beginning.” It refers to the water springing forth that is being mixed with dirt and is understood as the state of a person’s mind when beginning one’s faith.

  2. OC 2:26: Although the mind is first clouded and mixed with mud (gomoku majirite), when you make efforts to remove the dusts of your mind upon listening and reflecting with My teachings, your minds shall gradually become clean like how water becomes purified.
  3. OC 2 :27: I shall enter into the water in the mountains and make it clear and pure, no matter how cloudy or turbid it may be.

    *Note: This verse is saying that the goal of these teachings is to purify this clouded world.

  4. OC 2:28: Since you have exerted your minds and dedicated yourselves daily for the sake of the path, there is only but little left to endure. Come follow Me through any and every situation without becoming dispirited and a promising path will surely come to be seen in the future.
  5. OC 2:29: I shall enter places that will prove to be difficult to lay the path and make them clean by washing away the dust from the minds of people, no matter how stained their minds may be.
  6. OC 2:30: No matter how much dust has piled in their minds, once I have completely washed away the stains of the mind, all that will remain shall be clear like pure water.
  7. OC 2:31: From now on, I shall talk about kara and nihon. But you may not have the slightest idea about what I, Oyagami, am talking about.

    *Note: For verses until 2:34, refer to note for 2:47.

  8. OC 2:32: Those who still do not know My teachings are doing as they please, as if running rampant and infesting nihon. This is truly a source of frustration for Me.

    *Note: Refer to note for 2:47.

  9. OC 2:33: I, Oyagami, will gradually spread My true intention to nihon and make preparations for the salvation of all humankind. Those who still do not know My teachings will come to comprehend My intention, become spirited with enthusiasm, and bathe in My divine benevolence.
  10. OC 2:34: From now on I shall distinguish the truth of kara and nihon. Once this has become understood, people’s minds will become completely pure and the world will settle in harmony.
  11. OC 2:35: Until now the people in high positions were people who did not understand My intention. Because they were ignorant of the true intention of this path, they thought it to be something that was worldly ordinary or commonplace.
  12. OC 2:36 From now on I, Oyagami, will enter the bodies of these people and have them gain insight into the greatness of these teachings.
  13. OC 2:37: If you turn away the people who come yearning to see Oyasama every day, it will in turn only gradually increase the people who come yearning for Her.

    *Note: The teachings spread to those who came yearning for Oyasama. Because there were many people in society who did not truly understand the teachings, this brought about various misunderstandings and occasional forms of interference from many places. Those closest to Oyasama felt that because it would only cause Her hardship, they turned away people who came to worship. But because it was Oyagami’s intention to spread these teachings, no matter how many people they turned away, there would be no stop to the people returning yearning for Oyasama. This verse is giving the message that such efforts will but only increase their numbers instead.

  14. OC 2:39: When the remarkable Kanrodai—which reveals Kami’s providence at the creation of the world and humankind—is built and the Service of the Kanrodai is performed, Oyagami’s true intention will spread to nihon and to the world, allowing all humankind to become spirited and live the Joyous Life.
  15. OC 2:40 People, do you not realize that those who are in high positions are unaware of this providence of Oyagami?

    *Note: As we are taught that fire and water are primary aspects of Kami’s providence, “fire and water” here refers to Oyagami’s providence or protection. It especially refers to the manifestations of Oyagami’s absolute power.

    “Fire” refers to the fire of a lamp, body warmth, as well as a fire disaster.

    “Water” refers to drinking water, rain, moisture within the body, as well as tsunamis.

  16. OC 2:41: I have explained and instructed various things about the future until now, and that is because I am fully aware of everything in the future.
  17. OC 2:42: Because I, Oyagami, am fully exerting My mind for the sake of everyone’s happiness, those who follow My intention will be able to attain happiness for themselves. Live today by looking forward to it!
  18. OC 2:43: It is inevitable that those who cannot observe what I teach and cling to their narrow self-interests will see My anger and will have to suffer.
  19. OC 2:44: All kinds of things will be gradually revealed from the 15th. I shall make the distinction between good and evil so clear that it will be observable with your eyes.
  20. OC 2:45: Although I do not specify to who I am directing what I have instructed until now, it will be revealed sooner or later, and when it does, you will be convinced.

    *Note: The story of Ichibei Matsuo of Higashiwakai Village from 1872 has been said to be related to the above three verses. Ichibei was an extremely devoted follower of the path and served as an intermediary who instructed the teachings to others in the early years of the Teaching. However, he was strong-minded and argumentative by nature. When it came to things that were vital to his situation, he was unable to wholeheartedly comply with Oyagami’s instructions. Thus his eldest son that received tending from Oyagami in the form of an illness and passed away for rebirth on lunar 8/15.

  21. OC 2:46: I shall make a distinction by virtue of the Kanrodai among the people in high positions who rule over others between those with purified minds those who have understood My true intention and those who are still unaware of My teachings and being misled by their own knowledge and power.
  22. OC 2:47: The distinction between those who still are not aware of My teachings and those who have understood My true intention will be done when I reveal My absolute power.

    *Note: The expression “nihon” refers to the place where the Jiba is located, where Oyagami created human beings. Consequently, it refers to the place where are the teachings were first taught and the origin of world salvation.

    Next, “kara” refers to the place where the first humans went to after creation. Consequently, it refers to the place where the teachings ought to be conveyed next.

    “Those of nihon” (nihon no mono) refers to those who Oyagami first gave birth to, which consequently means those who are to be the first to hear to the teachings and understand* Oyagami’s true intention.

    “Those of kara” (tōjin) refer to those who Oyagami gave birth to later, consequently meaning those who are still not aware of the teachings of Oyagami and thus be next in line to hear the teachings.

    This series of verses relating to nihon and kara are warnings for the age when the Ofudesaki was written, when the authorities of the newly established government were in such a rush to import the latest science and technology that they were only dazzled with the material dimension of civilization. In these verses Oyagami warns against the human urges of materialism and self-centeredness that falls short of understanding the spirit of mutual love and prosperity of humankind that is the true essence of civilization. These verses urgently direct humanity to quickly realize Oyagami’s true intention and awaken to the spirit of single-hearted salvation. That is, to the eyes of Oyagami, all human beings are Kami’s beloved children. Oyagami ultimately has the parental love that seeks to save all human beings without exception, be that they are aware or unaware of the divine intention, or have heard or have yet to hear the teachings. Thus Oyagami is hastening so that all the people in the world purify their minds, awaken to the truth that we are all brothers and sisters, and resolve to respect and help another to live the Joyous Life as soon as possible. (Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 10:55–6 and 12:7. For an explanation of “fire and water,” refer to note for 2:40)