Ofudesaki Part 2, verses 1–24

Part 2

The 3rd month in the 2nd year of Meiji, the year of the Serpent

An old woman of 72 years


Part 2: The settling of illness and other troubles by means of the Kagura Service

The time for and the meaning of the Service

(1) From now, I shall begin to open a broad path. I shall make all minds in the world spirited.1

(2) Those in high places will come at any moment, spirited in mind. The appointed time has arrived.2

(3) After the tea is picked and the plants are trimmed, the Joyous Service will follow.3

(4) From where do you think this Service comes? The people in high places will become spirited.4

(5) Step by step, the providence of [Kami] will bring about every new and marvelous working.5

Hastening the gathering of the Service performers Ofudesaki

(6) Day after day, the mind of [Kami] hastens. What are all of you thinking of it?

(7) Illness and pain of whatever kind do not exist. They are none other than the hastening and guidance of [Kami].6

(8) The reason for My hastening, if you should ask, is that I desire performers for the Service.7

The time for and the meaning of the Service

(9) What do you think this Service is? It is none other than the means to [universal forms of salvation].8

(10) Do not think this salvation is for the present time alone. It will be the Divine Record for eternity.9

Drawing forth the Service performers and cleaning the Residence

(11) Just a word: you are saying that it is a fit or madness. It is not an illness but the urging of [Kami].10

(12) Step by step, I have taught the truth of single-heartedness with [Kami], but you still do not understand.11

(13) Though I desire to go forth into the open quickly, I cannot do so because there is no path.12

(14) Though I desire to open this path quickly, there is no place else to open it.13

(15) If you are sincere in desiring this path to be, ponder over everything from your innermost heart.14

(16) What do you think this talk is about? I am hastening for the places where [Kami]’s truth is conveyed.15

(17) When this path can be seen, even a little, all minds in the world will become spirited.16

(18) Listen to whatever [Kami] says! If only the cleaning of the Residence is completed,

(19) It will soon be seen. Without a moment to look aside, the dust will disappear as if you were dreaming.17

(20) When this dust is completely swept away, nothing will remain but [universal forms of salvation.]

(21) Hereafter, I shall hasten the Service step by step, preparing only for [universal forms of salvation.]

(22) Illness and pain throughout the world: you do not know that these are the road signs or guidance of [Kami].18

(23) There is nothing in this world that should be called illness. Whenever there is a disorder of the body, ponder deeply.19

(24) Day after day, [Kami] is hastening this salvation. What are all of you thinking about it?20


  1. OC 2:1: Until now, I, Oyagami, have mainly explained and instructed this path to those who come yearning for this place. Yet from now on, I shall spread this teaching widely throughout the globe to make the minds of the people in the world spirited.

    *Note: “Broad path” (ōkan michi) refers to a large path with no danger whatsoever that a great number of people will come to follow. The point of this expression refers to a path that will save all people in the world far and wide, rich and poor alike, regardless of rank or ethnicity.

  2. OC 2:2: When I establish this broad path, even the minds of people in high positions will become spirited, leading them to come here. Furthermore, this is not about the distant future. The present momentum is shows that it shall be realized soon.
  3. OC 2:3: After the tea leaves have been picked and trimmed, I shall finally make preparations for the Joyous Service.

    *Note: The picking of tea leaves in the region surrounding Jiba was usually done during the fifth lunar month.

  4. OC 2:4: You may ask how this Joyous Service will come about. It shall be conducted by those who have been able to replace their minds. Once this happens, the minds of those who stand in high positions will automatically become spirited.
  5. OC 2:5: Because My protection is wondrous, I shall gradually reveal My miraculous power that is beyond human imagination and begin marvelous things unknown until now.
  6. OC 2:7: People of the world at large may say, “That is a disease” “That is a pain,” but it is nothing of the sort. All such things are My hastening and My guidance that comes from My deep intention.
  7. OC 2:8: If you ask why I, Oyagami, am hastening in this way, it is because I wish to draw and attract performers for the Service.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese/Tenrikyo-specific expression—Tsutome no ninjū (“performers for the Service”). Refer to note for 10:25–7.

  8. OC 2:9: What do you think this Joyous Service which I, Oyagami, desires, is for? I desire it because of My wish to enact every form of salvation through its performance.
  9. OC 2:10: Do not think this salvation is for the present alone. It shall become the model and basis for all future generations that will bring forth fruits of salvation for eternity.

    *Note: “Divine Record for eternity” (matsudai no Kōki) refers to the basis of all talks about single-hearted salvation that will be repeated and conveyed for thousands of years.

  10. OC 2:11: Whenever people of the world come in contact with her, all they say is that she is in a frenzy or that she is mad. However, it is not that she is crazy or is it because of a disease of any sort. It is My hastening that wishes to quickly draw to this path.

    *Refer to note for next verse.

  11. OC 2:12: Although I have explained and instructed you in the path of single-heartedness with Kami in many ways, you still have no understanding.

    *Note: Chusaku Tsuji was guided and joined the faith in 1863 through the insanity of his younger sister Kura. One day he overheard at the Kajimoto residence that “the Kami in Shoyashiki is a Kami of manifold forms of salvation” and first began to show interest in the faith. He immediately went to Oyasama to receive a variety of instructions and his faith led to Kura’s complete recovery from insanity. Chusaku thereby became a devoted follower of the path and Kura married into a household from Senzoku Village. However, because his family opposed his faith in many ways, Chusaku’s faith wavered and he stopped visiting Oyasama altogether. Mysteriously, Kura’s insanity relapsed, which led to her to be sent to her paternal home.

    People then gossiped that Kura’s madness led her marriage to dissolve or that her divorce drove her into a fit of frenzy. This condition, however, was not a disease or madness as people commonly believed. It was guidance from Oyagami’s deep intention to bring Chusaku—who was becoming distant from Oyasama—back to the path. Once Chusaku received this instruction, he was immediately convinced of the truth of its message, repented for his mistaken thoughts, and began to firmly devote himself to serving Kami once more. As a result, Kura’s insanity had subsided as if nothing had happened, and she was able to salvage her marriage.

  12. OC 2:13: Until now, the teachings have flowed to the people who have come to visit this place. Yet I wish to advance forward and spread the teachings widely to the world at large even a moment sooner. However, things cannot go forward since there is no path.
  13. OC 2:14: While I wish to convey these teachings widely to the world, it cannot be opened at another place because this is not a path can just be opened anywhere.
  14. OC 2:15: If you wholeheartedly and sincerely believe in this path of single-heartedness toward Kami, calm your heart and ponder all matters.
  15. OC 2:16: If you wonder about the point of the message I now instructed you, it is because I hurry for places where the truth is conveyed to become established in various regions and countries.

    *Note: As for these uchiwake basho (“places where Kami’s truth is conveyed”), according to the oral tradition, Oyasama taught that 31 of these places would be established in places within, middle, and outside, for a total of 93 places. Despite how incurable an illness is considered to be, if a person visits these uchiwake basho, he or she will be saved. One of these places will be remote, but it will not do to skip it, otherwise, complete salvation will not occur. Also, although one may receive salvation along the way of completing this course, one should not throw away their walking staff or wheelchair along the way, for this will make the salvation temporary; one may be cured for the moment but will return back to one’s former state. These objects instead ought to be stored at Jiba where they will be shown to inform others of these instances of marvelous salvation.

  16. OC 2:17: Once this teaching begins to be put in place, the minds of the people of the world will all be in high spirits.
  17. OC 2:18–9: Listen to My instructions wholeheartedly in all matters. Once the cleansing of the hearts within the Residence is accomplished and this becomes clear to Me, Oyagami, the dust shall come off instantly before one realizes it.
  18. OC 2:22: Although in the world they say that a particular part of the body is ill or is hurting, there is nothing to be called illness in this world. If there is a part of the body that is ill or that is hurting, the people of the world only think it to be a disease without realizing that it is none other than My instruction and guidance.
  19. OC 2:23: In this world, there is absolutely nothing to be called illness. If a disorder of the body happens to appear, ponder over it deeply and reflect on what kind of road sign or guidance it may be.
  20. OC 2:24: What are all of you thinking about how I am hastening salvation by bringing people through disorders of the body as My guidance? Quickly, gain insight into how I, Oyagami, am exerting My mind in this way.