Ofudesaki Part 1, verses 1–20

Since the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki is still down, I have decided to upload the entire English Ofudesaki with annotations here on Tenrikyology.com as well.

A word on this version of the Ofudesaki: To remain consistent with recent work here on this website, I will be altering “God” with “[Kami]” and “Tsukihi” with “[Cosmic Space-Time].” Any similar alterations I make from the Ofudesaki 6th edition will be marked with brackets: [ ]

This online version of the Ofudesaki will also be augmented with annotations from the English Ofudesaki and Ofudesaki chushaku (Annotations of the Ofudesaki) as well as subheadings from Thoughts on a Thematic Outline of the Ofudesaki by the second Shinbashira Shozen Nakayama.


Part 1

From the 1st month in the 2nd year of Meiji, the year of the Serpent

An old woman of 72 years

Introduction (compare with the “Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo” of the Mikagura-uta, The Songs for the Service)

(1) Looking all over the world and through all ages, I find no one who has understood My heart.1 2

(2) So should it be, for I have never taught it to you. It is natural that you know nothing.3

(3) At this time, I, [Kami], reveal Myself and teach the truth of all things in detail.4

(4) You are calling this place the Jiba, the Residence of [Kami], in Yamato, but you may not know the origin.5

(5) When you learn of this origin in full, a great yearning will come over you, whoever you may be.6

(6) If you wish to know and will come to Me, I shall teach you the original cause of all things.7

(7) As [Kami] is revealed and teaches the truth of all things in detail, the minds of all in the world will become spirited.8

(8) As I am in haste to save all of you quickly, I set out to make all minds in the world spirited.9

(9) As your minds become spirited step by step, there shall be rich harvests and prosperity everywhere.10

The Service; the blessings that it calls forth

(10) Hereafter, I shall teach you the hand movements of the Kagura Service and wait for all to assemble and perform it.11

(11) When all are assembled and quickly do the Service, as those close to Me become spirited, [Kami], also, will be spirited.12

(12) When the mind of [Kami] is depressed over everything, the growth of all crops will be depressed, too.13

(13) The mind that causes depressed crops is pitiful. Quickly become spirited so that the crops are not depressed.14

(14) If you wish that the crops grow spiritedly, do the Kagura Service and the Teodori.15

(15) At this time, begin the Teodori quickly. That will be the sign for miraculous things to come.16

(16) Speaking of the sign and miracles, they are not yet seen. When the day arrives, you will understand clearly.17

(17) When the day arrives and understanding comes, whoever you may be, you will all be filled with admiration.

(18) To teach of things after they appear is the way of the world. I teach of things before they appear.18

(19) Hereafter, I desire that those in high places gradually calm their minds and make peace.19

(20) This peace may seem difficult to attain, but it will come step by step through [Kami]’s protection.20


  1. Since the Ofudesaki is a divine revelation, the speaker, “I” is always Kami or God.

    Kami is also referred to as “Cosmic Space-Time” and “the Parent.”

  2. Ofudesaki chushaku (OC) 1:1: While an uncountable billions of people have been born and lived during the long years since I, Oyagami created this realm of existence, at every age I watched over this wide world, there was never a single person who understood My heart.
  3. OC 1:2: This not at all unreasonable or could be helped, for until now I did not share with you the true teachings. Though I occasionally taught (various teachings) through saints and sages, these were all but timely manifestations of My divine will to suit each day and age and was not anything final. But this cannot be helped, for the Promised Time had not arrived.
  4. OC 1:3: However, since the Promised Time has arrived, I, Oyagami, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, have appeared in this world and will teach My intent in full detail.

    *Note: The phrase “At this time” (Kono tabi) refers to lunar 10/26/1838, the arrival of the Promised Time when this teaching began when Oyasama was settled as Shrine.

    The phrase “I, Kami reveal Myself” (Kami ga omote i arawarete) means that Oyagami will speak the divine intention to the people of the world through Oyasama as Shrine, that is, Oyagami shall speak through Her mouth/lips.

  5. OC 1:4: This place, the province of Yamato is called “Jiba no Kamigata” (literally, the place of Kami’s Residence), but no one knows the origin of why it has come to be called so.

    *Note: Jiba (literally, place, land, spot, or locale) is the place where Oyagami first conceived human beings. That is, it refers to the original home of human beings.

    Unusual Japanese expression—Kamigata (“the Residence of Kami”) is an expression created from the combination of Kami and yakata (residence or house).

  6. OC 1:5: If everyone learned in detail of the original reason this Jiba in Yamato is called the Residence of Kami, no matter who they may be, they will begin to yearn for Jiba, their original home.
  7. OC 1:6: If you ever wish to hear this fundamental truth, it would be good for you to come and inquire of it. (If you do,) I shall teach you in detail of the providence of everything, beginning with how this world is set up and sustained.
  8. OC 1:7: I, the original and true Kami, have appeared in this world. Once I explain in detail about My providence that created human beings and the world together with the path of single-hearted salvation, the minds of everyone in the world will become cheerful and radiant due to the true teachings.
  9. OC 1:8: Because I, Oyagami, wish to save all of you as quickly as possible and without discrimination, I shall make the minds of the world spirited to have everyone perceive (the thoughts) contained in My heart.

    *Note: The above eight verses are practically identical to the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo. The major difference between them being that the Ofudesaki verses are a in the style of waka poetry and have a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count where the verses in the Mikagura-uta follows a 5-7-5-7-5 syllable count.

  10. OC 1:9: If the minds of the world become spirited step by step, states of mind such as agony or frustration will disappear. All of you will instead be filled with the spirit of mutual help and diligently apply yourselves to your respective tasks. As I, Oyagami, will grant protection to you whose minds are aimed at helping others and working diligently, the world’s production will become enriched and each family business will thrive. No matter where you may go, fighting will disappear, and you will all live in peace and happiness.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—yononaka, also called yonnaka, (“rich harvests”).

  11. OC 1:10: From now on I, Oyagami, will teach you the hand movements of the Kagura Service and anticipate Service performers to assemble and perform it.

    *Note: “Kagura Service” (Kagura-zutome) is a Service performed around the Kanrodai where ten dancers represent the ten aspects of the complete providence of Oyagami. Oyagami becomes spirited seeing our performance of the Kagura Service and through its performance we also pray for Kami’s workings for the salvation of humankind (済世救人).

    The Kagura Service is also called the Service of the Kanrodai since it is where it is performed. It is also called the Joyous Service because it represents the truth of Kami and humankind becoming spirited. Further, it is called the Salvation Service because it is the Service for single-hearted salvation. (Refer to notes to Ofudesaki 6:60, 10:25–7, and 15:52) The Kagura Service is not to be performed at any place other than the Jiba.

  12. OC 1:11: If the Service performers assemble and perform the Service as quickly as possible, because I, Oyagami, am the true Parent, I shall also become spirited in mind upon seeing My children in a joyful and spirited state.
  13. OC 1:12: When My mind becomes depressed, your crops will lose their vitality of themselves and you will not be able to reap a sufficient harvest.
  14. OC 1:13: I pity to see depressed minds that brings about an insufficient harvest of agricultural crops. In order to have all crops thrive, My mind must become joyous and spirited.
  15. OC 1:14 *Note: For an explanation of “Kagura Service,” refer to the note for verse 1:10. The “Teodori” refers to the Twelve Songs (also called “the Dance with Hand Movements)
  16. OC 1:15: By performing the Kagura Service and Teodori, your minds will become joyous, and because your minds will also be cleansed and purified of dust, I, Oyagami, will be able to ride upon your minds and work accordingly. That is why I to perform the Kagura Service and Teodori even a moment sooner. If you do this, I shall see it as a sign and surely reveal My miraculous workings.
  17. OC 1:1:6: Although these workings that I reveal may seem wondrous, there is no way for you to know now or any time soon what other kind of miraculous workings I may reveal. When the time comes for Me to finally show these miraculous workings, no matter who you are, all of you will be convinced, saying, “Yes, I see, Oyagami’s workings are truly wondrous!”
  18. OC 1:18: In all matters, it is normal in the world at large to talk of something once it comes to be seen. However, I, Oyagami, do not only teach of things that can be seen but also things that will appear in the future. So though there may be something among My words that you may not be able to understand with the human mind, you must not make a premature judgment and doubt or deny what I say. Believe in My words and wait for the day when they become reality.
  19. OC 1:19: From now on, those people who will be in a position to stand above others must calm their minds and promote harmony.
  20. OC 1:20: Though it may seem difficult to attain this harmony, because I, Oyagami, will gradually offer My protection, its realization is beyond any doubt.

    *Note: To describe the historical context at the time when these particular verses of the Ofudesaki where written in 1869, people were uneasy and deeply suspicious of the new government that “restored” the emperor in the previous year. There were those who swore their allegiance to the new government on the outside while secretly harboring their loyalty to their former lords.

    Regarding this situation, Oyagami expresses in the two verses above (1:19–20) the desire for the minds of all human beings to return to one surely sometime in the future, creating a stable world and about what is implied with the protection of Cosmic Space-Time, Oyagami.