The Story of Creation according to the Ofudesaki

I have been studying the Ofudesaki in recent months as a result of uploading the entire Scripture online on the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki (TRW). I have decided to be bold here and pieced together a narrative of the Story of Creation strictly based on verses from the Ofudesaki.

I have paraphrased the Ofudesaki verses below in my own words. Links will be provided to the TRW pages that include the current official and alternative English translations of these verses.

If there is enough demand for this kind of “research,” I may start a Blogging the Ofudesaki series in the coming months.


Across manifold ages, although I watched over the world one and all, no one knew the Cosmic Intention (1:1).

So should be the case, since this Cosmic Intention has never been explained or told. It is not unreasonable that you know nothing of it (1:2).

Cosmic Space-Time descended 38 years prior to 1875 (1838) because of the original causality (7:1).

Because this causality exists, Cosmic Space-Time wishes to speak of everything in detail (7:2).

Though Cosmic Space-Time looks across the globe, there is no one who knows the origin (13:30).

Cosmic Space-Time has become revealed because of the desire to teach this origin to the world by all means (13:31).

The true origin of this world cannot be found anywhere else but this place (8:25).

By teaching everything that is unknown, Cosmic Space-Time will save the world (8:43).

Since I will provide salvation unknown until now, it necessary to inform you of the origin (9:29).

You are calling this Jiba in Yamato the Divine Residence but you do not know the origin (1:4).

This place is the Jiba of Origin. There is nothing unknown about the beginning (7:4).

When you learn of this origin in detail, whoever you may be, a great yearning will come over you (1:5).

If you wish to know this origin, I shall tell you the original cause of manifold matters (1:6).

Even until now, there have been teachings regarding ethical matters and the ancient past. However, no one knew about the origin (3:69).

Wherever you may seek the origin, there will be no one who knows (8:49).1

So should be the case, since this is the first time Cosmic Space-Time has entered a body to speak (8:50).

Cosmic Space-Time has come out. If Cosmic Space-Time explains everything, the minds of the entire world will be spiritually uplifted (1:7).

Since I will rush to save one and all, I set out to make the minds of the world spiritually uplifted (1:8).

As all minds gradually become spiritually uplifted, there will be prosperity everywhere the world around (1:9).

If you truly and clearly know this origin, will always be assured wherever you may go (10:48).

If you are to ask what Cosmic Space-Time is thinking, it is to have the origin of human beings spread to the entire world (10:50).2

If this truth is quickly known to one and all, you will understand My talks (10:51).

If I make the origin of humanity known to the whole world (12:129)…

From then on I will provide various forms of salvation. Everyone will be saved with a single word (12:130).

The Story of Creation

Your real Parents are the earth and sky of this creation. Human beings were born from the earth and sky (10:54).

All of creation was a muddy ocean. Living in it was Cosmic Space-Time alone (6:80).

An idea came to Cosmic Space-Time: How would it be if I began a world (6:81)?3

Cosmic Space-Time began human beings in order to see you embark on a joyous excursion (14:25).

It was difficult to begin the world from where it did not exist. Cosmic Space-Time prepared to search for what could be used as instruments (6:82).

Listen carefully! This origin is the venerable Kunitokotachi (Water-Moon-Space) and Omotari (Fire-Sun-Time) (16:12).

They searched through the muddy waters and drew a fish and serpent to them (16:13).

As Cosmic Space-Time searched, there were loaches, a fish, serpent, and other creatures (6:83).

In order to begin human beings, Cosmic Space-Time gradually drew them and gave each a sacred name (6:51).

Cosmic Space-Time drew Izanagi (the primordial Adam) and Izanami (the primordial Eve) and taught them the Cosmic providence that began human beings (6:31).

Cosmic Space-Time thought, “If I added instruments to them and gradually teach them the Cosmic providence… (6:36)

These instruments being Kunisazuchi (skin and joining) and Tsukiyomi (bones and support). If these were added in their bodies… (6:37)

And if Kumoyomi (eating, drinking, and elimination), Kashikone (breathing and speaking), Otonobe (“the primary instrument for the crops”4), and Taishokuten (“the scissors of the world”5) all assembled (6:38),

Then the sacred personages held a conference and came to a firm decision to begin a world (6:39).

The beginning of origin was a muddy ocean. Within were only loaches (4:122, 6:33).

What do you think these loaches were? These became the seeds of human beings (4:123).

Among them were a fish and a serpent. Looking closely, Cosmic Space-Time saw that they had human faces. (6:34)

To begin human beings Cosmic Space-Time took the fish and serpent to be a seed and seedbed (6:44).

There was a fish and serpent at the origin in the muddy ocean. Cosmic Space-Time summoned them to begin the first couple, Izanagi and Izanami, the seed and seedbed (6:32).

Cosmic Space-Time entered the bodies of the seed and seedbed and taught them the Cosmic providence step by step (6:45).

Cosmic Space-Time drew up the loaches and consumed them all, and through the Cosmic providence brought them up step by step into human beings (4:124).

The number of children was 9 oku 9 man 9 sen 9 hyaku and 99 (6:46).6

The children were conceived in three days and three nights and there Izanami stayed for three years and three months (6:47).

The first children born were half an inch (five bu) tall and equally inched larger in height (6:48).

By the Cosmic providence already taught, the children were conceived in the same womb three times (6:49).

From that time on, the providence of Cosmic Space-Time has not been an easy matter (4:125)7

I began to teach My providence in the muddy ocean and you have come to prosper step by step (3:16).

This time, I teach single-hearted salvation, beginning once more that which never existed (3:17).


*For a more detailed narrative on the Story of Creation, visit this page from the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki.



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