Nakayama Koki manuscript in English

I continue to offer my translations of Divine Record (Koki) narratives with the Nakayama Koki manuscript. This translation is more or less the same one that appeared on the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki. This manuscript is suspected to have been written by the first Shinbashira Shinnosuke Nakayama in 1881.1

Here is the translation:2

When the world and human beings began 9 hundred million, 99 thousand and 999 years ago, Cosmic Space-Time looked carefully in the muddy ocean and prepared a seed and seedbed in addition to drawing all the (necessary) instruments. Cosmic Space-Time entered them and provided various forms of protection and conceived 9 hundred million, 99 thousand and 999 beings in 3 days and 3 nights at this Residence. There they stayed for 3 years and 3 months where they were given birth to in the 7 ri3 between Nara and Hase4 over 7 days, in the remainder of Yamato Province over 4 days, the three provinces of Yamashiro, Iga, and Kawachi over 19 days, and the remaining provinces over 45 days. This is the reason why there is (the custom of a mother) remaining 75 days in a birthing room (after childbirth).

These beings were born 5 bu5 tall and in 99 years reached (the height of) 3 sun6 and all died. The original number of beings were again conceived in the same womb. After 10 months, (the beings) were born 5 bu tall and in 99 years reached (the height of) 3 sun and 5 bu7 and again all died. Then, with the providence that had been previously taught, (their mother) conceived in the same womb a third time. (The beings) again were born 5 bu tall and in 99 years matured (to a height of) 4 sun.8 Seeing this, (their mother) Izanami-sama smiled and rejoiced, saying, “At this rate they will become human beings 5 shaku tall9 and hid herself. The human beings 4 sun tall again died. From that point on, they were reborn as birds, beasts, worms, insects, and mammals 8 thousand and 8 times and all died. After this, a single monkey remained. This monkey was Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto. In her womb, 5 boys and 5 girls, 10 children each were born. These beings also were born 5 bu and equally inched matured to (the height of) 8 sun10 whereupon highs and lows developed between the water and the earth. When they reached (the height of) 1 shaku and 8 sun11, the ocean and mountains began to take shape. When they reached (the height of) 3 shaku12, the sky and the earth separated. Until these beings were 1 shaku and 8 sun (in height), they were born from the same womb 10 at a time. From (the height of) 3 shaku, they began to be born from the womb one at a time. When they reached 3 shaku, (these beings) began to speak. For this reason, human beings now begin to speak and begin to develop wisdom at age 3.13

Until they reached 5 shaku, human beings lived in the water. Between 3 and 5 shaku, they went about eating various foods, even going to the lands of the periphery14 and beyond.15 When they matured (to the height of) 5 shaku, this world, the sky, earth, oceans, mountains, and foods became complete in accordance with human maturity.

As for the instruments that prepared these human beings, Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto entered Izanagi-no-Mikoto to become the seed and Omotari-no-Mikoto entered Izanami-no-Mikoto to become the seedbed. Thus began husband and wife.

In human bodies, the eyes and moisture is (governed by) Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto. Warmth is (governed by) Omotari-no-Mikoto. Skin and joining is (governed by) Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto. Bones are (governed by) Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto. Drinking, eating, and elimination are (governed by) Kumoyomi-no-Mikoto. Breathing is (governed by) Kashikone-no-Mikoto. Human bodies are things borrowed from these venerable Kami. Food (can be grown and obtained) through the protection of Otonobe-no-Mikoto. The protection of cutting the ties of death and life is (governed by) Taishokuten-no-Mikoto. These 10 Kami are our original Parents and the Kami that protect the body.

These Kami have been born at this Residence and are living. Also, that the Kanrodai is to be set up at this Residence is to provide proof of Jiba is the spot where 9 hundred million 99 thousand and 999 beings were conceived in 3 days and 3 nights, stayed for 3 years and 3 months, and were born. This place is the Parental Home of the human beings living this world. If this Kanrodai is built, prayed to as the Parent, and the performers assemble and perform the Service, there will be no prayer that will go unanswered.

The One who told us this is 84 years old this year and Her soul is that of Izanami-no-Mikoto. This is the reason Her mind is so good and pure. She was received as the Shrine of Cosmic Space-Time 44 years ago, the mind of Cosmic Space-Time entered Her, and with the arrival of the preordained time, shared the true teachings. The reason the name Tenrin-O-no-Mikoto was bestowed on Her is because She conforms to Tenri, the Cosmic Order. This name is to be later bestowed on this Residence. The customs of wearing an abdominal binder, leaning on something, and abstaining from certain foods are hereby unnecessary due to the Grant of Safe Childbirth. The mother’s body will also be free of ritual impurity. This Grant is proof that Kami created human beings and opens the path of manifold forms of salvation.

*For an online Japanese text of the Nakayama manuscript, go to: 説話体 十四年本 (手元本)


  1. Shozen Nakayama. Koki no kenkyu 79.
  2. This translation was done based on the reproduced text appearing in Koki no kenkyu 80–5.
  3. A distance of 4.582 km or 2.847 mi.
  4. Hase refers to Hasedera, a temple in present-day Sakurai City.
  5. About half an inch.
  6. About 3 inches.
  7. About 3 and a half inches.
  8. About 4 inches.
  9. About 5 feet.
  10. About eight inches.
  11. About 1 foot and 8 inches.
  12. About 3 feet.
  13. This would correspond to the Western count of one or two years old.
  14. In Japanese: Kara.
  15. In Japanese: Tenjiku.