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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 91

91. Dance All The Way Home

In 1881, when Shina Okamoto was staying at the ResidenceOyasama said to her:

“Shina, let’s take a bath together, shall we?”

They took a bath together and Shina felt very honored and almost unworthy of it. It was, for her, an unforgettable and moving experience.

Several days later, Shina returned to the Residence. Oyasama said to her:

“Well! Welcome home! Quickly untie your sash and take off your kimono.”

Wondering what would happen, Shina, timid with respect, took the kimono off. Oyasama also disrobed Herself. Oyasama clothed her from behind with the red garment still warm from Her own body.

Shina felt extreme honor and delight which was absolutely inexpressible. When Shina took the kimono-undergarment off, folded it nicely, and put it before Oyasama, Oyasama said:

“Wear it when you go home. On your way home through Tambaichi town, wear it over your kimono and dance all the way.”

Shina was surprised by Her words. Her delight faded away, taken over by anxiety. She thought that by doing so she would only make a laughing stock of herself among the people in the town. She also feared that she would not be able to get home on that day because in those days worshipers at the Jiba were often taken to the police. However, she soon made up her mind and said to herself that she would not care whatever happened nor would she mind it even if she were not able to get home that day. She put on the red kimono-undergarment over her kimono and set out. On her way home through Tambaichi she danced the teodori with all her heart and soul.

Before she was aware of it, she was at the edge of town. At that time she realized that nothing bad had happened, thanks to divine protection. She felt relieved and her joy was doubled by the fact that she had been given the red garment by Oyasama and she had fulfilled her given mission. Deeply moved, Shina thanked Oyasama from the bottom of her heart and hugged the red garment tightly against her bosom.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 76–77.

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