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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 34

34. Tsukihi Has Granted It

In the spring of 1873, Hyoshiro Kami married Tsune. Later, when she became pregnant, Hyoshiro returned to Jiba to receive the Grant of Safe Childbirth. Oyasama said to him:

“Take home as much of the washed rice as you want.”

And She Herself instructed him:

“Sah, sah, divide the washed rice into three portions. Have your wife take one portion after you get home, another when her labor begins, and the third one right after delivery.

If you do as I tell you, your wife will not need a leaning post, special dietary restrictions or an obstetrical binder. Let her use a pillow, and do as usual. Do not worry even a little. You must not worry. Never doubt. This place is the Residence where human beings were first created. This is the parental home. Be sure never to doubt. Once Tsukihi has said, ‘I grant it,’ you are surely granted it.”

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