58 Selected Writings Table of Contents

I posted the ninth and last of my completed translations of Ohanashi goju hassen (tentative English title: 58 Selected Writings) on October 18. I haven’t worked on it since February 2007, since I decided it would be more fruitful to devote my attention elsewhere.

Intuition tells me that the work is a little too “Japanese-y” to be of benefit to English-speakers (with apologies to any Utada Hikaru-haters out there). Nevertheless, I will keep the promise I initially made at Tenrikyo Forum: If there is anything that seems interesting in the Table of Contents (Click “Read more”), specify a request to me at roy@tenrikyology.com and I’ll work on it. Translation-on-demand, if you will.

Note that the translations of the titles among the ones I haven’t translated are tentative since I have yet to read most of them, let alone know what they are actually about.

I have still yet to begin on my promised follow-up feature/project for Tenrikyology.com. Hopefully I can start on it soon and so it will be the main feature here for the rest of 2009.

Note: Names with marked with an asterisk* are just my current guesses on how the name is read as I have not yet been able to confirm whether they are correct or not.

入門編 Part One: Introductory Section

陽気ぐらし The Joyous Life

人生 On Life

幸福 On Happiness

  • 12. 幸せは心次第・久保正徳 Happiness Depends on the Mind Alone (by Masanori Kubo)
  • 13. 幸せの源は種まきにある・小松崎不二男 The Key to Happiness is Sowing Seeds (by Fujio Komatsuzaki)
  • 14. 人が喜び、勇み、育つ声は自分も幸せにする・柏木庫治 Words that Bring Joy and Help Nurture Others Will Bring Happiness to You (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)

生きるということ On What it Means to be Alive

  • 15. 運命の仕組み・井筒志まへ The Mechanism of Fortune (by Shimae Izutsu)
  • 16. 信心のすすめ・岩井孝一郎 A Recommendation to Have Faith(by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 17. 世界の中は自分一人では生きていけない・高橋道男 One Cannot Live in this World by Oneself (by Michio Takahashi)

ものの見方 A Way of Looking at Things

  • 18. ものの価値とは・生駒藤雄 The Intrinsic Value of Things (by *Fujio Ikoma)

夫婦・親子 On Husband and Wife/Parents and Children

  • 19. 良いところを見ていれば、感謝せずにおれない・岩井孝一郎 Focus on the Positive Aspects, and You Cannot Help but Appreciate Them (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 20. 老後を考えるより、今が大事・藤田雄士 It is Vital to Think of the Present Rather than to Plan for Old Age (by Isamu Fujita)

親神様とそのご守護 God the Parent and God’s blessings

  • 21. ご守護のありがたさ・岩井孝一郎 The Preciousness of God’s Blessings (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 22. どんな病いもたけてくださる神様・吉福ヤス A God that Saves Any Illness (by Yasu Yoshifuku)
  • 23. 病気は神様からのお知らせ・岩井孝一郎 Illnesses are Messages from God (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 24. 当たり前がありがたい・藤田雄士 We Should Be Grateful for Things We Consider Ordinary (by Isamu Fujita)

信仰編 Part Two: On Faith

信仰 Faith

  • 25. 信仰は自分の願い通りになったら大変・柴田正一 Faith is Recognizing that it is Better Not to Have Things Go Your Way (by *Seiichi Shibata)
  • 26. 明るく、うれしく信仰するコツ・岩井孝一郎 Hints to Having a Cheerful, Happy Faith (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 27. 人のことと思えば人のこと、わがことと思えばわがことになる・藤田雄士  What You Consider Someone Else’s Matter Becomes Someone Else’s; What You Consider Your Own Matter Becomes Your Own (by Isamu Fujita)
  • 28. 自力を尽くし、神にもたれる心が大切・松井忠義 The Importance of a Mind that Exerts its Utmost and Leans on God (by Tadayoshi Matsui)
  • 29. この道は考えて喜ぶ信仰・岩井孝一郎 This Path is a Faith that Rejoices at Giving (by Koichiro Iwai)

人生行路 The Walk of Life

  • 30. 難儀なときほどけがをしない、幸せのときは注意しましょう・増野鼓雪 One Avoids Injury in Difficult Times, Proceed with Caution in Happy Times (by Kosetsu Masuno)
  • 31. 声のかけ方がお互いの人生を左右する・柏木庫治 The Way We Talk to Others Helps Influence the Outcome of Our Lives (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)
  • 32. にもかかわらずの精神でありたい・松井忠義 Wanting to Have a Mind that Remains Positive Regardless the Situation (by Tadayoshi Matsui)
  • 33. まず自分の器を広げることが大切・藤田雄士 The Importance of Broadening the Mind Above Anything Else (by Isamu Fujita)

人間関係 Human Relationships

  • 34. 世界中の人間はみな兄弟、仲良く暮らすことが親神様のお望み・生駒藤雄 The People of the World Are Brothers and Sisters; it is God’s Desire for Everyone to Live in Harmony (by *Fujio Ikoma)
  • 35. 恩人に接するような心でいると相手が変わる・中川庫吉 People Change When You Begin to Consider Yourself Indebted to Them (by Kurakichi Nakagawa)

親神様のご守護 The Blessings of God the Parent

  • 36. よく考えればこんな喜び方もある・岩井孝一郎 A Different Way to Rejoice (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 37. 親神様によって生かされていることに感謝を・小松駒太郎 Appreciation to God the Parent for Keeping Us Alive (by Komataro Komatsu)
  • 38. ご守護を頂くためには心定めと実行が大切・柴田正一 The Importance of Determining the Mind and Taking Action to Receive God’s Blessings (by *Seiichi Shibata)
  • 39. 生命のありがたさを知る・高橋道男 Recognising the Preciousness of Life (by Michio Takahashi)
  • 40. 水のご守護を頂くためには・柏原一郎 How to Receive the Blessings of Water (by Ichiro Kashihara)

お供え On Offerings

  • 41. 神様は誠の心を喜んでくださる・増野鼓雪 God Rejoices at the Offering of a Sincere Mind (by Kosetsu Masuno)
  • 42. 不足や不満をお供えしてはないか・紺谷金彦 Are You Offering God Your Complaints and Dissatisfaction? (by Kanehiko Kontani)

三、教理編 Part Three: On Doctrine

かしもの・かりもの A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed

  • 43. 生かさせていると考える人は失敗しても落ち込まない・岩井孝一郎 People Who Believe They are Being Kept Alive Do Not Fret Over Failure (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 44. 目は見て喜び楽しみ、耳は聞いて喜び楽しむためにある・柏木庫治 Eyes are for the Pleasure of Seeing, Ears are for the Pleasure of Listening (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)

にをいがけ・おたすけ Sprinkling the Fragrance / Salvation Work

  • 45. 親の匂いが身に付けば、自然とにをいがけになっていく・橋本正治 One Who is Immersed in the Parent’s Fragrance Spreads the Fragrance Naturally (by Masaharu Hashimoto)
  • 46. 自分だけたすかったのではもったいない、人様にも伝えよう・岩井孝一郎 These Teachings are Far too Precious to Keep to Oneself (by Koichiro Iwai)
  • 47. おたすけにトラの巻はない・柏原一郎 There Is No Secret Recipe for Salvation Work (by Ichiro Kashihara)

伏せ込み Sowing Seeds of Sincerity (Sincere Dedication)

  • 48. 良いことは隠したほうが素晴らしい・田代沢治 All the Better to Hide One’s Good Deeds (by Sawaharu Tashiro)

いんねん Causality

  • 49. どんなこともその元は自分にある・植田英蔵 Everything That Happens Originates from Oneself (by Eizo Ueda)

たんのう Joyous Acceptance

  • 50. 喜ぶか嘆くかによってそれから先の運命が変わる・中学校教義科読本 One’s Fortune Depends on Whether One Rejoices or Laments (excerpt from the Tenri Junior High School Doctrinal Course textbook)
  • 51. 何事も神様がなさること、悪いことは決してない・中学校教義科読本 All Things are God’s Work; There is Nothing that is Evil (excerpt from the Tenri Junior High School Doctrinal Course textbook)

ひのきしん Hinokishin

  • 52. 人のためにするのでない、神恩報謝がひのきしん・柏原一郎 Hinokishin is Not Done for the Sake of Others, it is Done to Express Indebtedness to God (by Ichiro Kashihara)

旬 Seasonable Time

  • 53. 旬を見分け聞き分けることが大切・紺谷金彦 It is Vital to Perceive the Seasonable Time (by Kanehiko Kontani)

十全の守護の理とその心 States of Mind that Conform to Aspects of God the Parent’s Complete Providence

  • 54. くにとこたちのみこと(水の理)・柏木庫治 Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto (The Essence of Water) (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)
  • 55. をもたりのみこと(火の理)・柏木庫治 Omotari-no-Mikoto (The Essence of Fire) (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)
  • 56. くにさづちのみこと・柏木庫治 Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)
  • 57. 月よみのみこと・柏木庫治 Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)
  • 58. かしこねのみこと・柏木庫治 Kashikone-no-Mikoto (by Kuraji Kashiwagi)

*Note: This post has been revised since its original publication.