58 Selected Writings 4: A Mind That Can See Things In a Positive Light

The following is a translation of “Yoi uketori-kata no dekiru kokoro” by Shigeharu Komai from Ohanashi goju hassen published in 2004 in Japanese by the Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association. Translation originally posted at Tenrikyo Forum on March 12, 2007.

A Mind That Can See Things In a Positive Light

by Shigeharu Komai

We may feel bitter when someone scolds us. However, we can feel happy if we realize that the person is thinking of our good.

We may become upset when someone is a nuisance to us. However, we can calm ourselves if we reconsider that we gave the person an amount of satisfaction.

The way we respond or react enables to turn bitterness into happiness, anger into enjoyment.

We do not need money or learning to live a life of joy. I am sure that we can all live the Joyous Life from today if we nurture our minds into a mind that can see things in a positive light.

On the author

Shigeharu Komai 駒井茂春 (1923–1998): Second president of Duskin Co. Ltd. Winner of the 1993 International Franchise Association Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Author of Faith-Based Management, published by the Tenrikyo Overseas Department in 2002.

*Note: This post has been revised since its original publication.