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Naorai (Post-Service Meal)

The following excerpt is from Omichi no joshiki [Tenrikyo Fundamentals] (pp. 153–158) by Koji Sato, professor at Tenri University and instructor at Tenri Seminary. Note: This translation is a provisional one at the moment and may require further revision.

Naorai (Post-Service Meal)

There is a naorai (post-service meal) following the monthly service of many Tenrikyo churches. There are mission stations that do the same.

Of course, there are churches and mission stations that do no have a post-service meal. There is also no set way on how to hold a naorai; there is a great variety among them.

The number of people of the path who see a naorai as a reception where worshipers eat and drink together is not few. However, naorai once had a special meaning in Shinto service (saishi). The origin of the word is naori-au or “a mutual return to normal.”

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