Song Ten

Verse 1

一ツ ひとのこゝろといふものハ ちよとにわからんものなるぞ

一つ 人の心と言うものは 一寸に分からん

Hitotsu / Hito no kokoro to yū mono wa / choto ni wakaran mono naruzo

One / People’s heart-minds / do not understand in the least

This verse can be interpreted in three ways:

  1. People do not understand the human heart-mind
  2. People do not understand their own heart-minds
  3. People do not understand Kami’s heart-mind1

The last interpretation may be the best one when taking the rest of the Song into context.

Verse 2

二ツ      ふしぎなたすけをしてゐれど あらはれでるのがいまはじめ

二つ 不思議な救けをしていれど 現れ出るのが今初め

Futatsu  / Fushigi na tasuke o / shiteiredo / araware deru no ga ima hajime

Two / Wondrous salvation / [Kami] is doing / that it is appearing / this is the first time

The subject of “araware deru” (appear/reveal) can either be “tasuke” (salvation) or Kami. In the latter case, the interpretation places great emphasis on the revelation of “Moto no/Jitsu no Kami” that first took place in the 10th lunar month of 1838.

Verses 3–4

三ツ みづのなかなるこのどろう はやくいだしてもらひたい

三つ 水の中なるこの泥 早く出だして貰いたい

Mittsu / Mizu no / naka naru / kono dorō / hayaku idashite moraitai

Three / Water / inside / this mud / quickly / want to have it taken out


四ツ よくにきりないどろみづや こゝろすみきれごくらくや

四つ 欲に切り無い泥水や 心澄み切れ極楽や

Yottsu / Yoku ni / kiri nai / doro mizu ya / kokoro / sumi-kire / gokuraku ya

Four / Greed / unfathomable / muddy water / heart-mind / completely purified / [feels like] paradise

In the Ofudesaki, there are a number of verses that use “mizu” (water) as a metaphor for the heart-mind. The term “gokuraku” was discussed in Song Four, verse 9.

I consider verses 3 and 4 to be an inseparable pair. They are clearly sung from perspective of a follower.

The reason we want to have the impurities taken out of the heart-mind is that it feels like paradise to have our heart-minds completely purified. How are we to purify the heart-mind? By transforming whatever may be a source of suffering or unhappiness into joy. Such is the process to approach the Joyous Life.

Verse 5

五ツ      いつ/\までもこのことハ はなしのたねになるほどに

五つ 何時何時迄も此の事は 話の種になる程に

Itsutsu / Itsuitsu made mo kono koto wa / hanashi no tane ni naru hodo ni

Five / Always this matter / talks / seeds of / to the point of

This process of purifying the heart-mind into joy will be the basis of an innumerable amount of tales and testimonies. (Otherwise known as sermons and faith-experience speeches.)


Verses 6–7

六ツ むごいことばをだしたるも はやくたすけをいそぐから

六つ 酷い言葉出したるも 早く救けを急ぐから

Muttsu / Mugoi kotoba o / dashi taru mo / hayaku tasuke o isogu kara

Six / Cruel words / even saying / quickly / salvation / rushing / because


七ツ      なんぎするのもこゝろから わがみうらみであるほどに

七つ 難儀するのも心から 我が身恨みである程に

Nanatsu / Nangi suru no mo / kokoro kara / wagami urami de aru hodo ni

Seven / Suffering is also / from the heart-mind / reproach oneself / up to the point

I consider verses 6 and 7 to be another inseparable pair. Kami tells us the brutal truth that all sufferings are from the mind. The truth may sound cruel and brutal, but it is being revealed to us because Kami wishes to quickly rush to save us. It is often said in Tenrikyo Kami has us go through illnesses (the subject of the remaining verses of this Song) and other troubles out of the Parental love that wishes us to reform ourselves so we can be saved.

In the Ofudesaki, it is revealed:

Whatever may happen, bear no grudge. It is all what you have done to yourselves.


Whatever may happen, bear no grudge. It is what each of you has done to yourself.


Verses 8–10

八ツ      やまひはつらいものなれど もとをしりたるものハない

八つ 病は辛いものなれど 元を知りたる者は無い

Yattsu / Yamai wa tsurai mono naredo / moto o / shiritaru mono wa nai

Eight / Illness / is trying however / the origin / there is no one who knows


九ツ      このたびまでハいちれつに やまひのもとハしれなんだ

九つ 此の度迄は一列に 病の元は知れなんだ

Kokonotsu / Kono tabi made wa / ichiretsu ni / yamai no moto / wa shirenanda

Nine / This time until / one and all / illness’ origin / [you] did not know


十ド このたびあらはれた やまひのもとハこゝろから

到頭 此の度現れた 病の元は心から

Tōdo / Kono tabi arawareta / yamai no moto wa kokoro kara

Ten, finally / This time / it has been revealed / illness’ origin / is from the heart-mind

I have the feeling the truth is so brutal that it takes Kami/Cosmic Space-Time three verses to finally reveal it, perhaps in an attempt to soften the blow. In the Ofudesaki it is revealed:

I pity you when My warnings become manifest. Know that any illness is from the mind.


Illness and pain of whatever kind do not exist. They are none other than the hastening and guidance of [Kami].


Illness and pain throughout the world: you do not know that these are the road signs or guidance of [Kami].

There is nothing in this world that should be called illness. Whenever there is a disorder of the body, ponder deeply.


Day by day, disorders will come to your bodies. Ponder over it! God is informing you of your mistaken minds.



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