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The Footsteps of Our Predecessors 8

The following is a translation of Part 8 of the series “Senjin no sokuseki” (Footsteps of Our Predecessors) from the August 2003 (No. 416) issue of Taimo, pp. 34–35. Note: This is a tentative translation may require further polishing and revision.

Part 8: Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Taemon Yamada was from Koga County in Shiga Prefecture. He heard about God’s teachings for the first time in August 1887 and made a pilgrimage to Jiba that same month. He subsequently aspired to save others. By February 1888, when the 38th Shidokai Confraternity was formed as Taemon as head, he had already helped save 500 people.
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Fools are Desired by God

The following is an excerpt from Omichi no joshiki [Tenrikyo Fundamentals] (pp. 19–22) by Koji Sato (佐藤浩司), assistant professor at Tenri University and instructor at Tenri Seminary. Note: This translation is tentative and may require further revision.

Fools are Desired by God

“Yamada-san, you’re a foolish person.”

Seibei Nishino 西野清兵衞 once said these words to Taemon Yamada 山田太右衞門, to whom he had introduced the faith.
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