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The Footsteps of Our Predecessors 46

The following is a translation of Part 46 of the series “Senjin no sokuseki” (Footsteps of Our Predecessors) from the October 2006 (No. 454) issue of Taimo , pp. 34–35. This translation is a provisional one at the moment and may require further revision.

Part 46: Moved to Tears at Being Saved

Sakujiro Yamada ran a general goods store in Oroshi Village in Minami Muro County, Mie Prefecture. He succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis, a disease that had no cure at the time. Although he tried everything possible, his condition did not improve. He decided to see a famous doctor in Osaka as a last resort. Sakujiro had Tameshichi Hatabayashi, who was familiar with Osaka and a regular at his store, to accompany him on his trip.

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