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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 131

131. On the Side of God (Japanese title: Kami no hō ni wa)

Oyasama said to Naokichi Takai, Yosaburo Miyamori, and others who worked at the Residence:

“Let’s have a contest of strength,”

extending Her arm. She said:

“Press down as hard as you can.”

However, not only were they unable to force Her hand down, but when Oyasama used just a little of Her strength and grasped Her opponent’s arm, his arm became numb and lost all strength. Then Oyasama said:

“Twice as much strength is on the side of God.”

Further, She said:

“Can you do this?”

pinching the skin on the back of a young man’s hand with Her forefinger and her little finger. The skin was pinched so hard that it was very painful and it turned black and blue afterward.

On another occasion, She put Her hands together in perfect prayer position in the middle of Her back as we do in front of our chest.

These are Miyamori’s reminiscences.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 107-108

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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 130

130. Fine Dust (Japanese title: Chiisa na hokori wa)

It was around 1883 that Naokichi Takai, who was in his twenties, was sent by Oyasama to save a sick person who lived about twelve kilometers south of the Residence. When he was instructing the man about the cause of illness, the man challenged Naokichi, saying, “I have done nothing wrong in my life.” Naokichi said, “I have heard nothing from Oyasama about such a situation yet. I will go back at once to ask.” He then ran the twelve kilometers back to the Residence to ask Her, and She explained to him in this manner:

“I will tell you. Suppose you have a new house built and you seal up the windows so that no one can enter. The dust will still settle so thick on the floor that you can write a letter in it when you do not sweep it up for, say, ten or twenty days. You know that a mirror will stain. You sweep piles of dust when it is noticeable, but leave fine dust because it is hard to see. When the fine dust becomes embedded into a mirror, it will stain the mirror. Tell this story to him.”

Takai said, “I thank you very much,” and hurried back the twelve kilometers to the sick person. He conveyed Oyasama’s words saying, “I was just told this story.” After he was finished, the patient apologized to him, saying, “I now understand what you say quite well. Sorry, I was mistaken.” From that time the patient began to believe in God and was completely cured of his disease.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 107

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