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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 115

115. Devote Yourself Single-Heartedly to Saving Others (Japanese title: o-tasuke o hitosuji ni)

Zenkichi Tachibana, who became an official of the Shimmei-gumi Fraternity, began to believe after he was healed of cataracts in April or May 1880, and soon afterward his father was healed of lumbago. For several years after this, he was busily engaged in efforts to save others. Strangely enough, he was very healthy as long as he was doing missionary work, but whenever he stayed at home, he did not feel well. One day, he asked Oyasama about this. Then Oyasama taught him:

“From now on you are to devote yourself single-heartedly to saving others. Do not be concerned about things of the world. You need not know such things. The path is endurance and hardships.”

Zenkichi held on to these words as tightly as to life itself, not forgetting for an instant; and he became more and more single-heartedly devoted to saving others.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 96

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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 94

94. Tea Is Ready

One day Zenkichi Tachibana returned to Jiba from Osaka on foot, as was the custom in those days. Crossing plains and fields, he arrived in Nikaido Village after having covered a distance of about forty kilometers. Knowing it was only a little further to the Residence, Zenkichi’s spirits were lifted as he sang one of his favorite joruri ballads. As he approached the Residence, he stopped singing. When he was received by Oyasama, as soon as She saw him, She said:

“Zenkichi, you were singing in good voice, weren’t you? Tea is ready for you, as I knew that you were returning.”

Hearing these words Tachibana was so astonished and so deeply moved with gratitude that he was unable to speak even a word.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 78–79.

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The Footsteps of Our Predecessors 63

The following is a translation of Part 63 of the series “Senjin no sokuseki” (Footsteps of Our Predecessors) from the March 2008 (No. 471) issue of Taimo, pp. 34–35. This translation is a provisional one at the moment and may require further revision

Part 63: “Record It In Your Mind”

A Mankichi Miyoshi lived across the street from the home of Tokichi Ueda, the head of a Tenrikyo confraternity in the section of Imadezaike in Kobe. While Mankichi’s vision was incapacitated for 18 years, he regained vision in the corners of his eyes due to Zenkichi Tachibana’s salvation work (o-tasuke).

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