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Song Five (expanded), verses 5–6

Verse 5

五ツ いつまでしん/\゛したとても やうきづくめであるほどに

五つ 何時まで信心したとても 陽気尽くめである程に

Itsutsu / Itsumade / shinjin / shita totemo / yōki / zukume de aru hodo ni

Five / Always / believing / even if [you] do / joyousness / brimming

The gist of this verse is: No matter how long we have believed or displayed the outward motions of faith, it is important that our heart-minds brim with joyousness.1 Continue reading Song Five (expanded), verses 5–6

  1. MST 195.

Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 135

135. With Round Minds (mina marui kokoro de)

Around the year 1883 or 1884, Kosaburo Kubo, grateful for the cure of his son Narajiro’s eye disease, returned to Jiba with his wife and son. Oyasama, wearing Her red garments, was sitting calmly in Her room. Kosaburo, his wife, and son, who had been led into the room by an intermediary on duty, knelt before Oyasama. They were awestruck by Her reverent manner and were so overwhelmed with gratitude that they could not raise their heads.

However, Narajiro, being only a child of seven or eight, began to look around without restraint. Soon the grapes placed beside Oyasama caught his eyes. As he was staring at them, Oyasama quietly picked up a bunch and gave it to Narajiro, saying:

“It is nice of you to return. Here are some grapes for you. Like these, in the world, everybody is to relate to each other with round minds. This is a path to be followed joyfully by looking forward to the delight in the future.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 110

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