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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 15

15. These Seeds

Late at night on February 7, 1866, Oyasama, already in bed, suddenly said:

“Take out the crockery pot stored under the altar.”

When the pot was presented to Her, Oyasama called in Chushichi Yamanaka, and said to him:

“I have granted you various privileges until now. However, you might not be able to understand fully if I just tell you. You may worry about falling short of needs when you go along the divine path. You need not worry about anything. You will not be in want even if you wish to be. I will give you positive, positive, positive proof.”

Then Oyasama gave the crockery pot to him. She further instructed:

“Here are seeds which will multiply ten thousandfold. Sow these at your residence, Chushichi of Mamekoshi Village.”

On the following day, when Chushichi went to thank Her, Oyasama was pleased to see him and said:

“This grant is the treasure of your family and of the path. You must be very happy!”

He had been granted a list and four seeds. The list read: wheat — six kilograms, rice — about seventeen kilograms, personal allowance — sixty kan* and sake — about eleven liters. These were granted as eternal seeds. Each of the four seeds was a six centimeter square, white paper packet which was bound on four sides with white string. On the face of each packet respectively was written: “seed of wheat,” “seed of rice,” “money for medicine,” and “money for wine and seed of oil.” Oyasama Herself wrote these words with a writing brush. She also bound the packets with string, chanting:

“Namu, Tenri-Ō-no-Mikoto, Namu, Tenri-Ō-no-Mikoto.”

It was witnessed that the string did not go through if She stopped chanting. Thus, She gave him the proof that he would never be hard-pressed for the needs of life as long as he followed the path.


* Sixty kan = about 320 U. S. dollars.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 10–11

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