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Post-26 Report (July 2008)

Fourth Installment of “Savoring the Realm of the Mikagura-uta” Lecture Series

The fourth lecture of “Savoring the Realm of the Mikagura-uta” lecture series sponsored by the Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion was held at 13:00 on July 25. (It was held on the sixth floor of the Tenrikyo Doyusha building.) The lecturer this month was Kazuhiro Hatakama sensei and he was assigned to discuss the so-called “Section Three” or “Third Section” (Dai-sansetsu) of the Mikagura-uta:

Ashiki o harĊte tasuke sekikomu ichiretsu sumashite Kanrodai

(“Sweeping away evils, hasten to save us. All mankind equally purified, the Kanrodai”).

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