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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 172

172. Repentance for a Previous Life (zenshō no sange)

There once lived a daughter of a seaweed dealer in Sakai, Osaka, who was inclined to steal. Her parents reverently asked Oyasama the reason why, and Her answer was:

“That is the result of a previous life. Your daughter is not at fault. She only does what her parents did in a previous life.”

The parents then sincerely repented for what they had done, and their daughter was marvelously healed of the bad habit.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 138

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The Footsteps of Our Predecessors 22

The following is a translation of Part 22 of the series “Senjin no sokuseki” (Footsteps of Our Predecessors) from the October 2004 (No. 430) issue of Taimo, pp. 34–35. This translation is a provisional one at the moment and may require further revision.

Part 22: Oyasama as “Daruma”

One day, in the year 1884, Shirobei Umetani brought his third son Umejiro with him to worship at the Residence. Umejiro was seven or eight years old at the time. Umejiro was like his father Shirobei in his youth, a rascally and energetic child who knew no fear and said exactly what was on his mind.

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