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Post-26 Report (May 2008)

Second Installment of “Savoring the Realm of the Mikagura-uta” Lecture Series

The second lecture of “Savoring the Realm of the Mikagura-uta” lecture series sponsored by the Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion was held at 13:00 on May 25. The lecturer this month was Yoshinori Sawai and he was assigned to discuss the so-called “First Section” or Section One (Dai-issetsu) of the Mikagura-uta: Ashiki o harōte tasuke tamae Tenri-Ō-no-Mikoto (“Sweeping away evils, please save us, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto”).

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The Life of the Honseki Izo Iburi, Part Three

The Construction of the Place for the Service

The offer by the Iburis of donating an altar shrine in appreciation of Sato’s recovery from post-delivery complications transformed into a plan to build a place of worship. The plan was enthusiastically received and the followers quickly acted to bring the plan into reality.

The leading followers at the time met and made a list of tasks to be assigned. The list went as follows: Chushichi Yamanaka, construction expenses; Izo Iburi, labor; Chuyemon (Chusaku) Tsuji, roof tiles; Saemon (Gisaburo) Nakata, six tatami mats; Isaburo Nishida, eight tatami mats.

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Fusekomi (Sowing Seeds of Sincerity)

*The following is a translation of an excerpt from Omichi no joshiki (Tenrikyo fundamentals) by Koji Sato, assistant professor at Tenri University and instructor at Tenri Seminary.

Fusekomi (Sowing Seeds of Sincerity)

In the path, the act of serving with sincerity without seeking any tangible results is held in high esteem and described with the verb fusekomu or the noun fusekomi.

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