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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 142 and 143

142. Narrowness Holds the Promise of Joy (semai no ga tanoshimi)

This is a story about Genjiro Fukaya, who had an undying gratitude for the teachings. He grew more spirited in his devotion as he walked over the land spreading the teachings and healing the sick. In those days, Genjiro had no spare clothes, no charcoal for the fire, nor even food for the day. Despite such narrow circumstances, he often returned to Jiba. Oyasama always said to him:

“Narrowness such as this holds the promise of joy. You should not be dissatisfied because things are yet small. As virtue is accumulated, small things grow great. Even a large pine tree was once small. Be happy with what is small. In the future, a great promising bud will sprout.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, p. 115

143. Children Are Dear (kodomo kawaii)

Whenever at a loss as to what to do, Genjiro Fukaya sought Oyasama’s instruction. One day, he asked Oyasama through an intermediary and received the following instruction:

“One year passes, and there is one year of virtue. Two years pass, and there are two years of virtue. When three years pass, one becomes a parent. Once one becomes a parent, children are dear. No matter what, treat your children with love and care. It will not do to hate your children.”

After Genjiro received the above instruction, he loved his followers with ever increasing affection. To welcome the followers on service days, he would prepare their meal, making sushi and rice cakes. Though these things may sound like trifles, in this way, with his sincerity, he raised his followers step by step.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 115-116

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