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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 110

110. Souls Are Everliving

When there were no worshipers, Oyasama usually sat alone in Her room. She often smoothed out crumpled wastepaper or folded paper packets for the sacred powder. When an attendant asked, “Do You ever feel lonely sitting by Yourself?” Oyasama answered:

“I never feel lonely because Kokan and Shuji come to see me.”

Occasionally, She would be heard talking as if with someone when really She was alone in Her room. She said to Hisa Kajimoto, who was in attendance, late one night:

“My legs are feeling heavy as Shuji and Kokan have come home from afar. Please massage My legs.”

On another occasion, Oyasama was having sweet rice wine. After drinking three cups, She said:

“Shozen and Tamahime are having wine with me.”

 Note: Hisa Kajimoto was married in 1887, becoming Hisa Yamazawa.

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