Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 131

131. On the Side of God (Japanese title: Kami no hō ni wa)

Oyasama said to Naokichi Takai, Yosaburo Miyamori, and others who worked at the Residence:

“Let’s have a contest of strength,”

extending Her arm. She said:

“Press down as hard as you can.”

However, not only were they unable to force Her hand down, but when Oyasama used just a little of Her strength and grasped Her opponent’s arm, his arm became numb and lost all strength. Then Oyasama said:

“Twice as much strength is on the side of God.”

Further, She said:

“Can you do this?”

pinching the skin on the back of a young man’s hand with Her forefinger and her little finger. The skin was pinched so hard that it was very painful and it turned black and blue afterward.

On another occasion, She put Her hands together in perfect prayer position in the middle of Her back as we do in front of our chest.

These are Miyamori’s reminiscences.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 107-108

My take
I’ll make this very short.

This is the second selection from Anecdotes that is entitled “On the Side of God,” the earlier one being no. 118 and no. 131 here isn’t that much different in terms of content.

I have discussed the significance of Oyasama’s contests of strength in several earlier selections (nos. 68, 75, 80, and 81) so I’ll just quickly move on and work on the next selection.