Anecdotes of the Honseki Izo Iburi 60

60. A Gift to be Handed 16 Years Later

The Honseki’s attendance at the ceremony on April 15 enshrining a set of Oyasama’s red clothing at Kochi Bunkyokai was the highlight of his 1894 missionary tour of the western provinces. Arriving on April 14, he stayed until the 18th.

In his address to the congregation, the Honseki said, in tears: “It is all due to Oyasama and Her hardships that I have been able come here to Shikoku and be on the receiving end of your wholehearted hospitality. I am unworthy to share this honor on Her behalf.”

Shobei Masuno commented: “The Honseki is extremely content. He is spirited in a manner like the time he was at Azuma Bunkyokai in Tokyo.”

Kikutaro Shimamura, the head minister of Kochi Bunkyokai, could not stop his tears from flowing.

It appears that, there were some followers who secretly hoped that Kochi Bunkyokai would receive an everlasting gift from God not unlike how Azuma Bunkyokai did when it was blessed with clear water. Hundreds of followers assembled to see off the Honseki at his departure.

Later, on the 21st, when the Honseki stayed the night at Iwaso Inn in Miyajima, God delivered an Osashizu through his lips that contained the implications that there was something God the Parent wished to give to Kikutaro Shimamura, but could not do so at the time. Yet the day would come when this gift will be handed to him.

Those nearby had no clue of what these words pertained to but were convinced that Kochi Bunkyokai would receive an important set of Directions. Although it is unknown whether these words had anticipated this or not, 16 years later in 1910, Kunijiro Kajimoto (the grandson of Oyasama’s daughter Haru) became the heir of Kochi Bunkyokai when he married into the Shimamura family. As people remembered God the Parent’s words in Miyajima 16 years before, they were struck by the depth of the divine intention.

(Adapted from Ten no jogi pp. 122–123, 129)

*Note: This post has been revised since its original publication.