Blog (04 Feb 2008)

I’ll be the first to admit. . . I’m not much of a blogger.

Or maybe I should I should qualify that statement: I’m not much of a blogger when it comes to blogging on a consistent basis or timeframe.

I’m sure that the handful of you out there who are regular visitors to this site (thank you for your patronage, by the way) have pretty much figured that out by now. Besides, it’s been more than three months since my last blog post.

Not that there has been a lack of developments that have been blogworthy.

In fact, there have been a slew of blogworthy events, among them Benazir Bhutto’s assassination that provoked riots in Pakistan; civil unrest in Kenya after a contested election; and something closer to home and less dramatic but disturbing nonetheless: contaminated instant frozen gyoza or “pot-stickers” that have poisoned several people across Japan the last few weeks. Maybe I’ll touch upon them. . . we’ll see if I ever get around to it.

I’m not making any excuses, but time is a factor when it comes to not blogging as regularly as I hope to; there is not enough time to read up on the issues of the day, absorb, think out, and pound out something that I won’t be embarrassed over later.

You could also say there is some hesitation involved here. There is no hesitation at all when to comes to posting all the translations on this site, but of course that’s part of my job and I’m not afraid of making any major mistakes in this area.

Although I like reading about current events (albeit a couple weeks late via Time and Newsweek), I don’t see myself as a net savvy commentator at all. But I guess it just takes practice.

Will I get around to it? I certainly hope to, but I’m not making promises yet. Time will tell.

*Note: This post has been revised since its original publication.