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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 61

61. Beneath the Corridor

This incident took place in 1878. When Tamizo Ueda, at the age of eighteen, returned to the Residence with his mother, Iso, Oyasama said:

“Tamizo, let’s, you and I, have a contest to see who is stronger.”

Oyasama went up on the north raised room and Tamizo stood below. With the shout of ‘one, two, three,’ they tightly gripped each other’s hands and began to pull. Tamizo pulled with all his might but Oyasama did not move even an inch. Tamizo marveled at Oyasama’s strength.

On another occasion, Oyasama spoke the following words when Tamizo came to visit Her:

“Tamizo, you are returning from Onishi now but in the future you will come together with Onaka to this Residence to live.”

Tamizo thought, “I am a farmer and I have children. It cannot be possible for me to do such a thing.” Later on, however, because of the illness of his child, he and his family were drawn to the Residence to live.

Also, on another occasion, Tamizo returned to the Residence with his mother, Iso. At that time Oyasama said:

“Tamizo, in this Residence in the future, many people will be walking back and forth beneath the corridor.”

It is said that in his late years, Tamizo was truly amazed by the fact that Oyasama’s words one after another became a reality.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 53–54

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Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 59

59. Festival

In January 1878, when she was twenty-eight, Koiso Yamanaka (later Iye Yamada) was drawn to the Residence to serve Oyasama. Oyasama told her about the significance of the twenty-sixth day of the month:

“Festival (Matsuri) has the meaning ‘to wait.’ (matsu: wait, ri: principle). Do not do anything else the whole day of the twenty-sixth. The only thing you must do on that day is to give thanks for the marvelous protection of God the Parent.”

Koiso sewed the red garments and combed Oyasama’s hair as part of her daily routine. Usually, Oyasama prepared the red cloth Herself and handed it to Koiso.

Not long after Koiso started to serve Oyasama in the Residence, on April 28, 1878 (March 26th, lunar calendar), there was still time left after sweeping and cleaning. So she said, “Oyasama, it seems wasteful to be doing nothing from early morning. I wish you would give me some red cloth to sew.” After thinking for a while, Oyasama said:

“I understand.”

Then, She cut the red cloth quickly and smoothly, and gave it to Koiso.

Koiso was happy to have something to do, and began sewing at once. No sooner had she put a few stitches into the cloth than she was in pitch darkness even though it was daytime. In complete amazement, Koiso cried out, “Oyasama,” and said to herself, “Now, I understand. It was against the divine will to think it was wasting time. I will sew the red garment tomorrow.” The moment she made up her mind, it became daylight again, and everything was all right with her.

Later, when she told Oyasama what had happened, Oyasama instructed:

“I cut the red cloth because you, Koiso, said it was wasting time to be doing nothing from morning. If you sweep and mop, you need not do anything else on the twenty-sixth day except perform the Service. You must not.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 51–52

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