Ofudesaki unnumbered set

Ofudesaki unnumbered set (Jpn: Ofudesaki gogai おふでさき号外) refer to verses Oyasama wrote in exterior volumes of the Ofudesaki She gave to devoted followers that are not found in the original manuscript preserved at Her Residence.

According to the Tenrikyo jiten, there are 14 unnumbered set verses that do not appear in the original manuscript.1 Continue reading Ofudesaki unnumbered set

  1. A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms, p. 93.

Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 25–55

The way to clear away the “regret” and the arrival of the time to begin this

(25) Until now, I have listened to whatever things. This time, indeed, I shall clear My regret away.1 Continue reading Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 25–55

  1. OC 17:25: Until now, I have listened to and overlooked all kinds of matters. Yet at this time, I, Oyagami, shall reveal My free and unlimited workings, clearing away the frustration that has piled high.

Ofudesaki Part 15, verses 57–71

Nurturing useful timber in the low valleys and hastening the Service

(57) Until now, the high mountains, boastful, have noisily done as they pleased.

(58) From now on, however high the mountains may be, they will never be able to do as they please to the low valleys.[1. OC 15:57, 58: Until now, those who are in high positions noisily complained and interfered as they wished by stopping the Salvation Service. Yet from now on, no matter how high their position may be, they will not be able to treat those below them as they wish. Continue reading Ofudesaki Part 15, verses 57–71