Blogging Anecdotes of Oyasama 186

186. Such a Fine Present (kekkō na mono o)

About the middle of March 1886, Kinjiro Nakanishi, who had just begun to follow the path, returned to Jiba for the first time with Tokichi Izumita, and was granted an audience with Oyasama.

Oyasama was resting at that time, but when it was announced, “Kinjiro Nakanishi of Ten’e Fourth [Confraternity], a follower of Tokichi Izumita, has returned,” Oyasama’s voice was heard:

“Yes, yes,”

and She immediately made Her appearance.

When Kinjiro returned on August 17th of the same year and was granted an audience with Oyasama, She sipped one third of the sweet rice wine in a sake-cup with the moon and sun design, and gave the rest of the wine as well as the sake cup to him.

On September 20th of the same year, Kinjiro and his wife brought and presented a cushion which they had made, wishing to have it used by Oyasama. They were unable to meet Her at that time, but later Oyasama asked:

“Such a fine present! Who is it from?”

When the person in attendance answered, “It is from Kinjiro Nakanishi,” Oyasama was pleased. The next day, on the twenty-first, while Kinjiro and his wife were staying at an inn, there was a messenger from Oyasama. They received one of Her red garments. It was Her kimono-undergarment.

Anecdotes of Oyasama, pp. 146–147

Supplemental information from Taimo (translation)

Nakanishi Kinjiro: The founding minister of Oe [Daikyokai].

He was born in 1850 in Hirano Village, Nakakawachi County (present-day Hirano-machi, Higashi Ward[1], Osaka City).

He embraced the faith in 1886 after Izumita Tokichi helped bless him of an illness. He formed the Eshin-gumi Ten’e Fourth Confraternity in 1887. He established Oe Shikyokai in 1892. He passed away in 1920 at age 70.

My take

Anecdotes 186 admittedly may not be of historical interest for most, with the possible exception of followers affiliated with Oe Daikyokai. It is only with comparison with other stories depicting Oyasama sharing a drink with a follower (such as Anecdotes 81) or similar accounts describing how she bestowed a portion of her clothing to adherents that Anecdotes 186 may reveal a thing or two for Tenrikyo historians.

Would I be going too far if I were to wonder aloud why the “all-knowing” Oyasama had to ask to find out who had presented her with the “fine cushion”? (Or was she just making conversation?)


Tenrikyō Seinenkai, ed. “Oyasama: kekkō na mono o” Taimō 456 (December 2006), pp. 16–17.

Further reading

Sato Koji’s Omichi no joshiki: Naorai (Post-Service Meal)


[1] There does not seem to be a ward by the name of “Higashi” in Osaka. My informed guess is that “Chuo” is likely the correct name of the ward in question.